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 Otto Karotto game reviewOtto Karotto is a fun filled game available on iTunes with plenty of features which would be loved by children and according to me, it would be loved by some fun seeking adults.

The game is filled with some really cool features and is an entertaining one overall. Otto Karotto is a reaction game where you need to protect carrots on your farm. There are 10 carrots overall and a very bad and greedy rabbit named Otto.

Shuffle Match game review

Shuffle Match is an outstanding memory game, which motivated me by its very challenging memory puzzles. Yesterday, I really got drilled in my chemistry class and as usual started to play the same old running in the forest and fruit cutting game...

But I got bored of those too, and started surfing in Google Play to make myself entertained by its huge collections of games.


JUJU game review

It’s the era of e-learning these days. Even if you have just a toddler who needs to learn just the few letters of the alphabet or a few shapes so as to get ready to go to a pre-school, e-learning is there to help you out.

In fact, education related apps are the best option to teach your kids to do that.

Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD game review

If we think of comparing Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD gaming app with some other android games, then I’m sure Chicken Flight Floppy Bird HD will win not only for its game features, but also for its High Definition in design, visually crafted images, game appearance, sound effects and finally for the concept of fun, cute, and excitement which we get while playing and after too.


Flipping Beaver game review

Flipping Beaver! It made me flip and fly at the same time. Awesome quality, adorable character, improvised graphics, attractive and addictive theme, moreover very simple to play.

Yeah, when I first played this game it felt the same way of playing Flappy Beaver but when the stages being won it felt the other way. The Flipping Beaver was so adorable and smooth with improvised fabulous graphics.

This to That game review

A few days back, I tumbled across this super exciting game which has gripped me in its magic and made me get addicted to it. Can you guess that game?

It’s a word puzzle game which may sound similar to the thousands of other word puzzle games but is in fact very different and challenging game.


Comics Head

Do you like to tell stories? Are you an aspiring writing like me? Do you like to share your daily experiences and thoughts with your friends?

If you’re a creative kind of person who loves to socialize and always look forward to share new experiences, thoughts and pictures, you need one thing for sure i.e. Comics Head.

Shake Islands Adventure game review

Shake Islands is an exciting arcade simulator that entails strategic elements.

In this game, you’re going to travel through a magical archipelago using a ship. You’ll get awards and collections once you successfully construct a ship which you can use to travel to the next island. There are six resources necessary to build an ocean vessel.


Shiny Pearls game review

New to the iPhone gaming scene is a wonderful new entry: Shiny Pearls.

Shiny Pearls is a well thought out game of color matching and strategy, where the player must achieve color star combinations to score points and progress through levels of gameplay.


TRON Lightcycle Rock and Roll Racing Game is a fantastic Tron-inspired racing game that’s greatly similar to the popular classic lightcycle Tron racing games.

The game brings Tron racing to life by adding 3D effects and rock and roll soundtracks. In this game, you have to ride your modernized Tron motorcycle to race quickly against other players.


Bees Gone Bonkers Full game review

Bees Gone Bonkers is a physics-based game with an incredibly simple goal and increasingly challenging levels.

It's a perplexing cross between arcade and puzzle, a game where the player excels either through opportunistic patience and strategy, or with a quick finger and reflexes. The beauty of its gameplay lies in how it accommodates different play styles, making it suitable for gamers of many tastes and ages.

Neoteria game review

Neoteria is the latest offering from OrangePixel. This retro game is in the scrolling shoot ‘em up genre and is inspired by games like R-Type and Gradius.

The story is kept light, with a bit of dialogue at the beginning of each level, but to be honest, you can play the game without it. When you do play the game, you need to concentrate on shooting as many enemies as possible before you get to the next checkpoint.


Micy Roll game review

How delightful it is to have a game that combines action and adventure, mystery and exploration, yet cute enough to appeal to people of all ages.

This game I am talking about is called Micy Roll Lite, and it is now available on the iTunes app store as a free download for both iPhone and iPad. So let's discuss a little about this game.

Mow-Town Riding game review

It had been a very long time since I downloaded a new game for myself. The reason for that was the lack of something new in the gaming section of my Android phone’s app store.

I guess almost all of us are tired of those running and harvesting games. It has been so long since we got a new kind of game; a game that would be based on a new concept. Don’t you think so?


Play with Photos - Vinmein game review

Play with photos is a new game that joins the league of multiplayer turn based games like Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends and Draw Something.

It resembles Draw Something all the more because one opponent sets the game and level for the other. The game is available free on Android, iPhone and iPad. So what's the core of the game? Play with photos is all about photo puzzles and solving them.

Space Attack HD game review

Space Attack HD Free is an arcade action game which is currently available on the app store and is compatible with all kinds of Android devices.

The game is a new one in the market that has been released by Jatrix and is creating quite lot of buzz all around. That made me curious too. An arcade game making buzz! That isn’t especially common that when everyone is going through that ‘Flappy Fever’.

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