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Valluran Online game review

Valluran Online is a power packed action game which would take you to a wonderful adventurous experience. There was a great fire and after that Valluran has been led by big three.

In the Vallurans harbor in the south, a new mob arrives every day. The one who will survive in Valluran has to bring honor. You need to prove that you are yourself a worthy guild member and not just a rabble.

Link a Word game review

Remember how you used to play word chains when you were little?

That´s what gave rise to the idea for Link a word. It is a word puzzle that can be played by any person (of any age group) using an iPhone or Android Smartphone. Using the “New Game” button, you can start playing against your Facebook friends, random opponents, and people from your contact lists or search an opponent by their email/username.


Readr game review

For some time now, I have been a fan of Netflix, with its massive library of my favourite television shows and movies, all within a tap or two on my iPad.

I think that Netflix was revolutionary for this style of instant, online media consumption on demand and that is why I am surprised that the idea has taken so long to arrive for other kinds of media, specifically news and print media, such as online newspapers and magazines. 

Deep Ocean 3D Free game review

A smart phone doesn’t look sexy unless it has live wallpaper. I see no point of having phones with extra fast processors and big RAM if you don’t try things like live wallpapers.

But finding good live wallpaper which won’t slow down your phone or bug you is quite a difficult task. I have myself tried more than 50 live wallpapers on my phone and now, I got a one which I actually liked using - Deep Ocean 3D Free.


Janken Game game review

I think everyone has played the game "Paper – Rock – Scissors", but a new app available for iPhone and iPad takes this timeless Japanese game and brings it into the modern world with real punch.

Normally in this kind of reviews I like to describe how the game is played, but of course, if you have ever played "Paper – Rock – Scissors", then you know how to play this game already.

Speed Tesla Tank game review

Okay, I do accept that I got carried away by the snapshots of this game, but that wasn’t the only reason why I downloaded this game.

That wasn’t the only reason I loved this game. There are many features in Speed Tesla Tank which would force you to appreciate this game and keep playing. Speed Tesla Tank – so what’s the game is all about?


SlotTales Devils Triangle game review

Slot Tales Devils Triangle is one of its kind casino cum cards games which I came across in recent days. The objective of the game is to solve the mysteries which are hidden in the world of Devils Triangle.

There are lots of myths that have been gossiped around since a long time and you need to check their authenticity.

Escapade - The Game game review

Escapade is the new game published by Csharks Games for iOS and Android platforms.

Game is built around a mother guppy fish who struggle safeguard her little guppies. iOS version of the game available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and Android version is available for more than 2400 android devices with touch and tilt control capabilities.


Legend of Talisman Pro game review

The legend goes that an old talisman will show the way to countless riches.

Join a brave seductive adventurer, collect four parts of the broken amulet and find the cave with pirate treasures. That's the history behind Legend of Talisman, a matching logic puzzle for wide audience to enjoy. It cost only $0. 99 to download and with due skill and luck user unlock twice as much without spending a cent.

Territory Wars game review

Do you want to enjoy an awesome multiplayer strategy game? A game where only three things matter:  tactics, strategy and the kind of risks you’re ready to take in order to accomplish your objective.

Territory Wars is one of my most favorite games these days. Easily available on the app store and compatible with all kinds of Android devices, the game has received a lot of positive reviews and appreciation.


Mylifepaper game review

It seems that Facebook is changing it's news features all the time, and it is challenging to keep up those changes.

What is actually needed is a straightforward to use, yet comprehensive tool that allows you to center all the news about the person who is the most important - You ! Now there is an app available on the iTunes store called Mylifepaper, and it is an appealing application designed to manage the digital news about everything that is going on in your life.

Space Run 3D game review

Space Run 3D is an adventure puzzle game which has been set up in a space station. You have lost your memory and you do not know how you ended up in that place, but one thing you certainly know is that you need to get out of there as soon as possible.

The space station has a number of rooms and equipments which you need to cross on your way out.


Music Library game review

Do you like music? The best thing a music fan can have or buy is a discography which would contain the catalog of all the published sound recordings of a specific artist or within a specific music genre.

But acquiring such a thing created with complete perfection is quite a difficult task. I can say that from my personal experience.

Zombie Block Party game review

If you have ever wanted to go zombie on your neighborhood, now is your chance.

A new game called Zombie Block Party has hit the iTunes App Store and is available for the Apple iPhone. Zombie Block Party is a truly intriguing game that allows you to use the GPS on your iPhone collaboratively play with other people who are in your local area, neighborhood, local bar or wherever you may be.


HiBaby Diary game review

HiBaby Diary is the latest release by the developers HiBaby. biz.

Various different things can be put in like a diary which is an excellent idea as you can log and remember all of those important first moments of your child’s life and share them with your nearest and dearest.

Motivation game review

I am in kinda love with puzzle games and that’s why I tried one more game in such category and that game is Motivation. Just a few days ago, I downloaded the game and have been playing since then.

But wait, what the game is about? Yes, it’s a puzzle game, but what kind of objective do you have in this game and seriously, the name doesn’t even reveal a bit that it’s going to be a puzzle game. Am I right?

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