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Dino Rocks HD game review

Dino Rocks is the great new release from the developers Sungift Games.

This fantastic app is suitable for the whole family young and old. If you like puzzle games which present a challenge and require a lot of strategic thinking then this is the game for you. The most striking feature of this game has to be the graphics. Whoever created these graphics is a genius.

Majesty The Northern Expansion game review

Majesty: The Northern Expansion has a slight but important difference to other real-time strategy games in that it doesn’t give you full or direct control over any of your forces.

This game is gorgeous, with detailed, colourful cartoonish graphics that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the better quality full-on PC games. The stunning visuals are allied to a strong, heroic sounding soundtrack, which helps no end.


Fungus Shark Attack game review

Fungus Shark Attack is the great new release by the creators Moez Ali Co. Ltd.

This game is great fun to play and very light hearted. This is a brand new release and from what I can see from playing already is that it is going to be a very popular platform game. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch so far but in the future it may be developed for other plat forms too.

Soldiers of Glory Modern War game review

Modern War is a graphical military game for Android devices that allows players to enter a world of military might where they can take over the world as a legendary commander.

The game tasks you with building up your base so that you can complete progressively more challenging missions and even take on other players around the world. The game first has you select a location on the map where you will begin your military career.


Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias game review

This is the second game in the series and as in the first you play as a wind spirit called Enril and a young boy called Toku. You mum vanished whilst on a journey and your mission is rescue her.

As you begin to play you will soon discover that there are evil spirits which are against you and you must use your abilities to stop them doing so. In this particular game you have complete command over the seasons and can use this to your advantage against the evil spirits.

Parking Challenge 3D Lite game review

Parking Challenge 3D earns good reviews with respect to vivid picture clarity, superior sound quality, and smart game level designs.

Designed and developed by Dualcarbon, Parking Challenge 3D is the most challenging and exclusive apps, presented in 3D perspective. If you are fond of driving and love to take challenges, you will definitely love this game.


Unolingo game review

Unolingo is an exciting new spin on the well-worn crossword puzzle genre that will have players addicted within minutes.

In Unolingo, you are presented with what appears to be a classic style crossword puzzle. In usual crossword puzzle fashion, some of the letters will already be filled in, while others will be awaiting you to fill them in.

Tip-Off BasketBall game review

Tip off Basketball comes from the developers IOPixel and is a little gem of an app!

There are a lot of basketball games on the market so I was not expecting to be as impressed as I was with this game. Once I started to play I became so engrossed I could not put it down. It really is a work of genius. To start with the game can be played in two different contents which are career and network.


Go Go Woony game review

Go Go Woony is the latest release by the developers Extra Live.

This game is great fun and from the start I could see the entertainment potential. The aim of the game is that the player takes on the role of a very cute deer and you must get the deer safely around the worlds as quickly as possible whilst accumulating lots of special bonus prizes and rewards and avoiding obstacles which come in the way.

Guess The Word 4 Pics 1 Word game review

The word has been spread. There is a super exciting and entertaining game available in the Android market. Guess The Word – a new word game that has become a trending game on the market in just a few days.

Available for free, this game has been downloaded by many people and not even a single one has given a bad review about the game. So, how can I?  This game is so good that I cannot say bad stuff about the game even if I want to.


Total War Battles game review

This game is based on a warzone spreading across Japan. The game itself is a very controllable 2D fighting game. It is up to you to decide when your team should go and fight and once this is done they are only allowed to advance or move to an adjoining side.

Whilst this game is slightly complicated it is also very realistic and believable. It requires all of your attention as the slightest mistake may mean the end of the game and you having to start all over again.

Slot Bonanza HD game review

Slot Bonanza HD is a realistic and fun game that is very addictive.  If you like to play casino slots for cash in real life, now you can do the same thing on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, for free, with glorious HD graphics, sound and fast gameplay at your fingertips.

It is a casino slot game that does not require any real money payments.


Symmetry School Learning Geometry game review

Being an iPhone fan for a long time I came across so many applications and games for my device, each and every game and application is a masterpiece in itself whereas some of them being useless.

It was recently that I came across this game - Symmetry School : Learning Geometry, which was designed for kids to brush up their memory. At the first sight I was a bit astonished to see the app and what it was for.

BloodShot - Free game review

Every day I come across one or the other Android game or app, each of them is better than the other. The games dominating market like Angry bird, Temple runs etc. is so addictive and enjoyable games that, one might not even consider other games.

While going through more games in search for more variety and something different to try, I just came across this game - Blood Shot. This is something really addictive and unique  arcade shooting game that I have seen amongst many of them listed out there.


iZombie-intelligent zombies game review

Do you want to get a reading experience that you have never had before?

If you are an avid reader and don’t want to miss out a wonderful reading experience through Sync Reading, iZombie is one app that must be there in your phone for sure. Available for both iPhone and the iPad, the app is counted among the top apps in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Colombia.

iPWMinder - Password Manager game review

Have you ever forgotten your password to a website or application?

Have you realised the ‘secret question’ is more important than you originally thought? Do you have the time to go through the username and password retrieval process? iPWMinder can help you solve these problems and you will never need to worry about your usernames and passwords again!

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