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PipeWords game review

Are you a fan of word games?

You just cannot bear being challenged by words. All you want to do is to flaunt your excellent vocabulary and word power. If you are a person of such type, there is one game that you must try. Can you guess the name of this amazing and one-of-its kind game? It’s PipeWords.

HotDoc for iPad game review

HotDoc for iPad is the latest release from the developers Telejur Software Solutions GmbH.

This app is basically to help manage and edit documents which you are using on your iPad. This is a high quality well designed app and I can not stress how useful this will be to any person who regularly uses documents on their iPad.


SendItz - Send, Share, Store Files game review

Singapore based SendItz announces the launch and recent update of SendItz for iOS and Android.

SendItz gives users the power to send, share, and store photos, videos, and music across all of their mobile devices and computers freely via a practical intuitively designed interface.

Striker Save Our Planet game review

The introduction at the beginning of the game got me interested instantly; it is only about fifteen seconds long but does exactly what it needs to do.

The pictures are amusing, accurate and do not waste time explaining the storyline. Being such a brief intro there is a great deal of room for interpretation but basically… Alien space ships are heading for Earth.


Space Simulator Pro 3D (HD) game review

Space Simulator Pro 3D is a simple, but very addictive physics simulation of gravity systems in space.

There is no goal, other than to have fun by playing around with suns, planets and meteors, observing the gravity forces and building up entire solar systems! The solar systems are displayed in 3D, with realistic textures and lighting, which makes the game even more fun to play with.

The CATch! game review

This quirky game is the latest release from the developers Deemedya M. S Ltd.

As soon as I began to play this app I fell in love with it instantly. It is a fun vibrant adventure game and if you are a fan of cats then this game is just the ticket for you. As the player you will take on the role of the cat and are faced with many obstacles.


LilyMaster review

Do you want to play a simple and easy to play game? Obviously, it should be fun and entertaining too. Right? LilyMaster is one game which I would recommend you to try if you want a gaming experience like that.

There are times when we are too bored with the normal and popular running games, strategy games and board games. At such time, we need something different and it sounds a bit unbelievable but games like LilyMaster really do their job of entertaining and pleasing us very well.

'dillos HD game review

‘Dillos is a crazy puzzle game which makes you think outside the box.

Match coloured armadillos (‘dillos) to the appropriate squares on a six by six board. Various obstructions will bar the way in each scene and make it increasingly difficult to complete each level with a perfect score. There are a total of fifty levels and each area has new and exciting features that increase in difficulty.


Tuner Pal review

The people who love music instruments and spend a good long time with them seem to have become lucky these days for there is a very special and helpful application for them that has hit the Google Play.

Have you bought a new string instrument? Tuning is the first thing you need to do. May be you are just a beginner and you don’t know how to tune it but you cannot start practicing unless your instrument is tuned properly.

Aby Escape game review

The game is a 3D take on the likeable runner games. Whilst it seems like an easy concept, it is also quite an admirable one. A lot of games come in 2D graphics and this particular game has put it in 3D.

Aby Escape is based on the concept of a racoon who must run around as quickly as possible. Unluckily for him the poor racoon has several cross people who are running after him and it seems that he will not get a great distance away from them before something happens.


3 Stars in Birds game review

Are you a fan of Angry Birds and similar games? If you are, there is one app which is currently now available on google play with its latest version that would support the new android Jelly Bean as well.

The app is 3 Stars in Birds Plus. Many of you might already be familiar with this app. If you already know about this app, you would obviously be waiting for the new version desperately.

Ski Park Create Your Own Mountain Resort game review

Do you want to try a new city builder game?

Well, that is not very interesting as there have been lots of games like these on the iTunes store which have played and which we have got bored of. But what about a game that gives you a little more than just a city builder game?


Greedy Monsters Free game review

Greedy Monsters Free is the latest release from the developers MTI Studio Itda.

This game involves the player being introduced to lots of different toothy monsters all of which are ravenous. The monsters are from a different planet who are desperately trying to look for somewhere new to live but unfortunately they have very few resources enabling them to do this.

The Sandbox game review

Typically, a sandbox game is usually known as a genre of game in which a player can roam around a world, with no restrictions and do whatever they desire. This game however is not exactly like this. This game is a mixture of both game and art assignment.

Within the game the player takes on the role of a God. Due to the nature of your role you are given the ability to paint the colours of stone, create mounds of earth and command them to prosper and flourish.


Commander Pixman game review

Classic platforms games continue to flood the app store and a majority of these games are simply imitations of popular games from the past with just a few minor changes having been made to separate them. This game however is far from this and certainly could not be called an imitation.

From the outset as you switch the game on and you are introduced to the first screen you will realise that you have stumbled across something quite extraordinary and you will not be disappointed.

Jetpack Jinx game review

Why go for a drive when you can go into the cosmos. Jetpack Jinx gives you wings.

A new hit marvelous game Gum Interactive in which your player, named Jinx, has crashed and stranded on a weird and foreign planet. However, his major concern is his boss who does not know that he is not at the mother ship.

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