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Foosball Classic game review

Foosball Classic is fast-action foosball game with 3D physics and a unique control mode that allows you to roll your device just as you were rolling the table's real handle.

The gameplay is hard to master, but it's quite fun once you get use to its logic.

Word Hunt - Word Search game review

Looking for a fun game that is entertaining and exercises the mind?

If so, here is one that you will enjoy. Word Hunt – Word Search is a word puzzle game created by Learning Gems. The game offers a fresh look to the classic word search games. This app features a cool steam punk graphic theme with great sound effects. The game play has three difficulty levels of word search puzzles ranging from easy, medium and hard.


Alien Space Train - Free game review

Alien Space Train is a highly challenging puzzle/arcade game for Android, from new company Burningood Ltd.

The underlying concept is a sliding block puzzle with the objective to build the track and guide one or more trains safely to exits. If that was all there was to offer it would be much the same as various games from the past, present, and almost certainly the future.

D Crypt Pro Word Game game review

D Crypt Word Game brings you the experience of puzzle magazine cryptogram solving fun to your tablet or phone without the ugly pencil erasure marks!

The game allows you to choose to solve a cryptogram quote or a cryptogram word list. If you select a cryptogram quote, you then can select the author of the quote. There are quotes from funny people like Will Rogers, Dave Barry, George Carlin, and Bob Hope.


Galactic Invasion game review

You’re on solo deep space patrol in the Zeta quadrant when you encounter the first lone scout of a galactic invasion force.

Backup is light years away and only you stand between this invading menace and the destruction of the galaxy. Inspired by arcade legends Space Invaders and Galaga, Galactic Invasion brings a classic arcade experience to the Android platform.

Hanuman Game game review

Hanuman Mission Sanjeevani is based on Indian mythological character of Hanuman a monkey god.

Hanuman is supposed to be a strong warrior who is pure at heart and is a devote of Rama. Hanuman helps Rama in the war of Lanka to secure release of Sita from the clutches of the evil Rakshasa called Ravana. In the war of Lanka, Rama’s brother Lakshmana is grievously injured.


Travel journals Travel photos game review

You are about to travel, to discover the world, a country or just doing a city break for the week-end?

Travel journals & Travel photos is the app you need to keep tracks of your journey and to share it with your friends, family or with everyone. During your trip you will be able to create your travel journal, add text and photos.

Social Advanced Pro game review

Social Advanced provides a completely new view into your Facebook news feed.

For years, the feed of your friend's posts, images, and interactions has been nearly the same. The presentation is based on a hidden, proprietary algorithm that shows you only what it decides should be most important to you. This isn't always the case.


Garden Time (Deluxe) game review

If you are into gardening like me, then Garden Time is for you. Why?

Garden Time helps you keep track of when to sow seeds, transplant, and harvest your crops based on the frost dates you enter for your particular area. But that’s not all. Garden Time gives you full control of each crop. There are several varieties available of tomatoes for example, each with its own characteristics and maturity dates.

EMI Calculator game review

Suppose you are interested in taking a loan and want to know the maximum loan that you can get.

Do you find it better to get the information in a flash in your device or run to the nearest bank to find their options? Considering you have gone to the nearest banks, is it simpler to compare the plans of two banks in your device or by approaching and questioning the banks frequently.


Shackle-the cursed city game review

Welcome to the world of Shackle, a thrilling horror survival rpg that everyone can fall in love with.

Shackle follows Duffy, a young girl who worked for a sub-company called “Dynastic”. The city was created by this company which made a curse, ultimately isolating it from the rest of the human race and turning a huge population who didn't get out into monsters.

Mad Shapes - Fome Pazze game review

Do you like impossible challenges?

Do you feel you can hit any record and you have no limits? Then Mad Shapes is the game you're looking for, the one that will challenge your skills with its exciting, addictive and (almost) impossible one-touch gameplay, which will get you addicted to from the first level!


Epic Defense TD 2 - the Wind Spells game review

Epic defense 2 is, as you'd expect, a tower defense game.

It has everything you could ask to a game of this kind and the same flaws as well. In addition, its price is reasonable, the game is clean and there are a ton of playable levels. Graphics are nice and sound is fair. Animations are rather poor, what we could consider usual at defense games. It has another remarkable twist.

Fruit Smack game review

A "fruity" game that gets your adrenalin charged prompting you to want to beat your last high score.

All it takes is simply to be swift and accurate. Staged in a 3 D environment the game features exotic tropical fruit that are bizarre and intriguing to the unfamiliar. You can get an insight and informative description of each fruit in the 'Fruit Info' section of the game.


AntiViral game review

AntiViral is an exciting mix of old-school style with slick modern controls.

It is a fun new spin to the top-down shooter genre. Instead of flying your ship, you control a variety of attacks and defenses literally at your fingertips. In AntiViral you play as a small craft that enters the human body to fight off a new deadly virus.

Clash Trip Racing rage of nation saga. Free. game review

The Clash Trip Racing game app will challenge non-drivers and drivers alike.

Clash Trip Racing is an action-arcade bus parking game for Android and iOS devices in which you can show your driving as well as parking skills. So what makes "bus" parking different than say normal car parking? Well as you can probably imagine or know through experience, bus are harder to control and are generally slower.

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