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Alarm Clock Expert

23 Nov 2013

Alarm Clock Expert game review

Alarm Clock Expert is a great alarm clock app to have.

This app is great because it offers features that most generic phone alarm clocks do not have. Most phone alarm clocks only allow you to set a time for the alarm and a generic alert type. Some also feature timers, but not all of them do. The Alarm Clock Expert app is so great because it offers an alarm feature and a relax feature.

Using the regular alarm feature you can customize the time, caption, repeat, alarm type, ringtone, volume, alarm image, snooze, snooze duration, repeats, unlock type, and unlock difficulty.

Alarm Clock Expert::By OnWeb Mobile Alarm Clock Expert::By OnWeb Mobile Alarm Clock Expert::By OnWeb Mobile Alarm Clock Expert::By OnWeb Mobile

Alarm Clock Expert screenshots

That is a very extensive list of features for an alarm clock. Of course all alarm clocks offer the time and snooze features, so everyone knows what that is. What is unique about the features on this app is that you can choose to be woken up by music, or you can upgrade it and buy extra alarms.

You can also choose to have your alarm start quietly and then increase in volume the longer it goes off which is definitely nice for those people who have a hard time being woken up and are heavy sleepers.

Another great feature is the unlock type. You can choose normal, math, or sequence. This is great for people who tend to turn off their alarm and just go back to sleep. If you choose math or sequence you have to enter the right answer to get the alarm to stop.

You can also set the difficulty for the unlock type you choose. One of the best things about this app is the quick nap feature. This feature is set up so that if you want to take a short nap you can choose how long to set it for and then an alarm will go off after that amount of time.

This is great because it is much easier to say that you want to nap for thirty minutes and easily choose that than it is to try to set an alarm and figure out exactly what time it would be in thirty minutes.

Another great feature is the relax feature. Using this, you can have your phone play music or a soundtrack to help you fall asleep. Having that feature on this app is like having one of those expensive noise machines for free on your phone.

This app is definitely worth getting because it offers so many features for users to enjoy. To get all of these features elsewhere people would have to buy or download multiple things. It is much easier to get everything in one app which is what this app offers.

Even without upgrading anything on this app, the Alarm Clock Expert is still great. Everyone should download this app and get rid of their old alarm clocks sitting on their nightstand. Another great thing about this app is that anyone can use it.

Everyone has to wake up, and there isn't an easier way to do it than by using this app.

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