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AndroMoney Expense Track

18 Mar 2014

AndroMoney Expense Track game review

Manage your finances in an easy way using Andro Money (Expense Track). How many times do you whine about your untracked and unplanned expenses in a day?

We, especially, people from age group – 20-30 years spend a lot of money which we are unable to track and hence get into financial troubles. I remember, my mom used to shout at me at the end of every week when I was unable to explain that where did I spend my pocket money of that week.

I am sure this happens with lot many people. Even if you have your own job, you need to manage your expenses and know where you have spent all your hard earned money.

AndroMoney Expense Track::By Ho-Cheng Yu AndroMoney Expense Track::By Ho-Cheng Yu AndroMoney Expense Track::By Ho-Cheng Yu AndroMoney Expense Track::By Ho-Cheng Yu AndroMoney Expense Track::By Ho-Cheng Yu

AndroMoney Expense Track screenshots

Andro Money (Expense Track) is an extremely useful application that is available for all Android users. This free app with more than 500,000 downloads would help you to manage your accounts and expenses in a very efficient way.

This is a finance tool that has been designed for personal use by people like us. With its easy to use interface, this application is one of the best apps available in the section. This is because there has been a need for such an application since a very long time and Andro Money (Expense Track) is one application that would be sufficient for all your finance management related needs.

The app features many good and detailed functions. It is possible to manage daily accounting details, manage categories and draw reports after a certain time period. There is a facility of multiple accounts that would let you separate and manage your personal and professional expenses flawlessly. The app also supports features like account balance and account transfer.

The best feature of the app according to many a people is the ability to keep the backup of your entire data either on Dropbox or Google Docs. You can also check and download currency rates. Also, there is a number pad with calculator and many categories are provided through custom attributes for easier use. 

With Andro Money (Expense Track), you can generate simple, custom or detailed budgets for yourself and of course, keep an easy track of it all the time for you have all these on your cell phone instead of that traditional organizer diary. You can also view bar charts, pie charts and trends get an easier overview of your expenses and flow of cash. The most important thing about this app is the password protection feature. Now, you don’t have to rely on other applications for locking up your apps to avoid unauthorized access.

This app has its own password protection feature which makes it much more private. Even if someone knows your phone’s lock password, he would still not be able to access this area of your phone.
With its extremely user friendly interface and fully fledged features, Andro Money is one app which is must in anyone’s phone. There has been no easier and efficient way so far to manage the expenses and money. If you also want to keep a track of your finance related transactions, this app is a must.

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