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apMemo - Quick Notes

24 Nov 2013

apMemo - Quick Notes game review

There are so many instances in life that can be utterly boring, annoying and frustrating.

Like when you’re stuck in that bus for hours on end every morning, waiting for your doctor to call you into his office, sitting at a totally irrelevant 3-hour meeting at work, waiting for your boyfriend to pick you up when he’s hanging out with his friends. The list goes on and on.

So here’s my question: when you’re in a situation like these, what do you enjoy doing to pass the time? Reading, listening to music, daydreaming? Well, I, like many of you, enjoy drawing and doodling.

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apMemo - Quick Notes screenshots

But it’s not always handy to have all my art supplies with me wherever I go. So I carry my ApMemo Lite instead. ApMemo Lite is a free Android app, available at the Play Store, where you can write notes and memos using your keyboard, stylus pen or fingers and set them with a reminder, or simply draw something to pass the time when you’re bored.

It’s very similar to the Samsung Memo on the Samsung Galaxy Note, but with the added bonus of the note reminder being easy to find and set. It only takes the touch of a button to get several options of times to set your reminder to.

Touch your selected time and that’s it, you’ve set your note or drawing to appear on your screen at the selected time. You have many options of colours, line thickness and intensity to choose from. There’s also a handy grid where you can scroll through all your notes, in case you need to use more than one page or if you’d like to use an older note again.

It truly is your notebook, scrapbook, pens, pencils, erasers and crayons all rolled into one simple, light and easy to use app. This is the perfect app for those of you out there who are trying to be hip and modern but are just another old-fashioned person at heart.

If you enjoy apps like ApMemo Lite, you’re the kind of person who still reads paperback books instead of digital because you enjoy the smell and feel of a brand new book. You have your schedule in your phone or Google calendar, but you also keep a copy of it stuck to the wall in your office or bedroom, where things are marked off with highlighter pens and big ‘X’s.

You use your e-mail frequently, but you also write love letters by hand and post them. And you absolutely love receiving anything hand written or hand made. You carry around a pencil case filled to the brim, one (or several) notebooks, scrapbooks and notepads in your ginormous bag or, if you’re really hard-core, you carry a separate bag just for your art supplies, and you’re not even an art major!

As lovely as it is to respect and carry on with these old time traditions, wouldn’t it be more convenient (and less painful to your back and neck) to use an app, when you are outdoors and bored stiff, that can do pretty much all your notebooks, pencils and crayons can, without the stained fingers, ripped up masterpieces and leaky pens?

Then download the ApMemo Lite app today! And if you commit to this app as your new notepad, then download the full version, with a lot more options and supplies included, from the Play Store.

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