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AppSales Best Apps on Sale

07 Dec 2013

AppSales Best Apps on Sale game review

Being frugal is a necessity these days. With the economy going haywire and pessimism all around, all we can do is save our little pennies and hope for a brighter tomorrow. But, while we wait, we also want to have some fun, right?

Well, look no further than the AppSales Android app, free from the Play Store. This app is very simple: download it, open it up and it’ll give you the latest sales on Android applications in your country (not yet available in all countries), and that’s it.

With the amazing discounts you find, between 25 and 100% off, you can practice your gaming skills all you like without feeling remorseful for spending money on that app you had your eye on. Now you can get that app and still be left with a generous amount of coins and dollars.

AppSales Best Apps on Sale::by ts-apps.net AppSales Best Apps on Sale::by ts-apps.net AppSales Best Apps on Sale::by ts-apps.net AppSales Best Apps on Sale::by ts-apps.net AppSales Best Apps on Sale::by ts-apps.net

AppSales Best Apps on Sale screenshots

Life doesn’t have to be boring and dull just because money is tight. With AppSales, you can find anything from strategy to arcade games. You can also get huge discounts on other types of apps, such as calendars, task managers, as well as upgrades to full versions of your favourite apps and many, many more. 

Another great feature of AppSales is that you can set your preferred features, such as minimum discount percentage, minimum amount of downloads registered by the app and its minimum overall rating so you’ll find only the best of the best apps with the most discounted prices available.

You can also ask for AppSales to notify you of new sales at any rate defined by you (every hour/day/week, you name it!), so that you’ll never miss a bargain again.

Never again will you have to watch your snotty rich friend showing off his collection of the latest, best and most expensive games and apps. Never again will you have to wish, just once, that his phone fall on the floor and smash into a million pieces.

Now, not only can you also have those apps and maybe a few better ones, you can tell him how much you bought them for! Sit back and watch his jaw drop as he tries to figure out how much money he wasted. Revenge is sweet, and now it’s also frugal, thanks to the AppSales app.

So whether you need a break from overspending without missing out on the fun, or if you just want to impress your fellow gamers, have a go at the AppSales application and watch your gaming experience level go up while your bank balance remains alive and well! Score!





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