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19 Nov 2013

AskFriends game review

Ever been in a situation where you were looking for an answer for a school assignment on Google and couldn’t find it? Of course, we all have at some point.

After having searched the encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and every other ‘pedia’ there is and coming up with nothing, I bet you went on to ask your mom, dad, siblings, grandpa and dog, but still came up with nothing, right?

So then you went on Yahoo! Answers, posted your question there and got some weird (and useless) comments from people who either didn’t know or didn’t care.

AskFriends::by Nuriara AskFriends::by Nuriara AskFriends::by Nuriara AskFriends::by Nuriara AskFriends::by Nuriara

AskFriends screenshots

Did you go to school on Monday and all your friends had the answer but you? Then, my answer-challenged friend, you should’ve been using the Ask Friends app!

Ask Friends is a free Android app, available at the Play Store, which enables you to ask all your Facebook friends a question. Simply open the app, log onto Facebook and ask your question, which will appear on the website’s news feed as either a True or False question or a text. If you only ask one friend a question, it will only appear on their feed.

Your friends can then comment their replies. If you prefer, you can post it as an anonymous question as well. Your questions will be saved onto the app so you can reuse them whenever and with whomever you like. So no more frivolous searching, go straight to the people in the know!

You’ll be free to come up with any question you like, so why not use this opportunity to get answers for your school work, or find out what your friends really think of you? Do you suspect your best friend has been talking about you behind your back? Ask her an anonymous question and find out!

It is an app everyone will enjoy! Girls, you can now anonymously ask that boy if he fancies you. Boys, go ahead and ask that girl on a date. Curious people, ask anything! Teachers, use this app to hold competitions to see which student can answer a test question first. Employers, find out what your worker really thinks about his job.

Workers, find out about that secret promotion the rumour mill has been whispering about. Teenagers, arrange a secret party at your place by posting an anonymous invitation to your friends, identifying yourself through a code word and you’re set! Parents, ask your kid an anonymous question about the party you suspect he’ll throw and catch him or her red handed!

Whatever your needs, the Ask Friends app will surely produce hours of fun for everyone (and even a few grounded kids).
All in all, Ask Friends is a great app that is very simple and straightforward to use.

It’s handy for discovering things you never knew (or are too afraid to ask) as well as being a platform for numerous different games to be played amongst friends. So don’t wait any longer, visit the Play Store and download it now. With the Ask Friends app, the possibilities are endless.

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