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Baidu Browser

17 May 2014

Baidu Browser game review

The bad thing about most mobile browsers is that they use up a lot of phone memory, causing this one to crash and taking much time to load pages. There is, however, a pretty versatile mobile browser that gets the job done without using too much space.

I am talking about Baidu Browser.  Baidu Browser is a top notch browser developed by Baidu.com ranked among the top 3 search engine worldwide and among the top 5 websites. This mobile browser is one that will give you a great and fast browsing experience.

It is quick, light, smooth, and looks beautiful on your mobile phone. The browser incorporates loads of amazing and interesting features which make it quite exceptional and one of the best browsers for great mobile experiences. Baidu Browser makes browsing over mobile much more enjoying and interesting than with most other browsers. 

Baidu Browser::By DU Apps Baidu Browser::By DU Apps Baidu Browser::By DU Apps Baidu Browser::By DU Apps Baidu Browser::By DU Apps

Baidu Browser screenshots

One of the things you will notice is that its compact design makes it light which means that it uses little memory. This is great news since the last thing you want on your device is another heavyweight application.
With Baidu Browser you can easily access the web with no hassle and really smoothly; all this with a little memory usage. And all of this is for free. But let me give you a little more details on this great browser.

The browser comes with a number of features which can be leveraged to make browsing more interesting. These features include the homepage, quick search, popular site list, video playback, voice function, finger setting, night mode, download manager, news, pictures, weather, desktop floating window and so forth.

Once you install it, you will notice it provides you with a nice homepage. Now, one thing that the developers of this app sought after being personalization. You can customize this homepage as you like and give it your personal touch as to fit your convenience. So, the home page has this introduction to the improvement program and installation of T5 engine, which I suggest you do. Suggested sites appear first which you can delete, add more, put here and there, pretty much however you like.

So you now have your most important sites on the front page of your mobile browser. No more having to type in the URL to get the job done. The nice tapping of a button will get you there. The speed at which it opens webpages is also great.
Then you get suggested section of news about politics, business, pets, etc. But don´t worry as this is customizable too. You can make it look as good as you want. You can also make your search easily selecting your favorite search engine from the address bar, no mystery there. So, choose between Yahoo and Google, or whichever search engine you find more convenient.

Here are a few of the features of this browser which place it above other browsers out there. 

Speed: When it comes to speed, Baidu Browser is a great way to go for a great mobile browsing experience. With this browser, your browsing speed will be increased by up to 30%. As a matter of fact, you will be able to view pages with ease when you use this browser and hence your browsing needs will be met. The speed of this browser is due to its exclusive kernel.

An avalanche of resources: Baidu Browser is not only fast but also it incorporates huge resources. You can easily access these resources in the mobile browser and make the most of your browsing experience. In addition, the browser is free. You can easily download it online free of charge to use and enjoy its awesome features and benefits.

Features like video playback, voice function, finger setting are rarely found in other browsers. With the video playback, functionality when playing video can be increased. This makes it a better browser for playing video than other browsers out there. It plays videos faster, smoother and more efficiently than other browsers. You can even leverage the voice function to input texts rather than inputting them manually. The finger setting allows you to manipulate the browser with a finger. Everything about the Baidu Browser is superb and therefore your browsing experience would be ramped up.

One great feature that I really like is the night mode; clicking on that during the night will give you a more eye-soothing experience as the background goes black and the letters go white.  Speaking of letters, you can also adjust the size of these to meet your vision.  

You can easily get information from the main page as it is designed as a web directory. This makes finding information easy and fast with this browser. In addition, the homepage features easily customizable features. In other words, you can easily customize your browser’s homepage to depict the exact thing you want and make the most of it.

The browser is made top notch owing to the T5 engine used in building it. The Baidu Browser is built with the state of the art T5 engine technology. This technology used in building the browser makes it to work seamlessly with HTML5 and hence when you use this browser for browsing, your browsing speed will be increased by 30 percent. Your homepage can be tailored just for you to fit your exact need with this browser. Baidu Browser is designed to meet your browsing needs and you can take advantage of it today. 

You must download this app.  Do it and you will get beautiful pictures to download, weather updates of your area, and the latest news on your homepage, when you want them, and how you want them.  Besides all this, you will get the best mobile browsing experience on your device, guaranteed.

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