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Battery Watch

26 Nov 2013

Battery Watch game review

Picture this: You’re in a bus, stuck in miles of traffic, the weather is scorching hot and you’ve just downloaded that game you’ve been dying to play for ages. What a relief! At least you’ll have something fun to do while stuck in this bus full of sweaty people!

O.K., so you go ahead and start playing your game and it’s everything you’d hoped for and so much more! You’re really happy now, completely focused on your winning strategy to kill the zombies/green pigs/mutants etc.

And then, it happens. You get it. No, not a text from that hottie you fancy. This alert contains those dreaded words: ‘low battery! Please connect to an outlet’.

You look around in desperation until you realise you’re still in a bus, and still stuck in the same exact spot in the traffic jam. And then it dawns on you: ‘I’ve only played for 5 minutes!! How has my battery gone so fast?’. If you used Battery Watch, you’d know.

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Battery Watch screenshots

With the Battery Watch app, you get a full report of your battery’s health in a simple, single screen. Everything you need to know, with just one click. This app informs you the percentage of battery life you have left, the voltage it’s using, it’s general health status and, most importantly, the battery’s current temperature.

Now, you may be wondering why temperature is so important. It’s simple. The warmer your battery, the faster it’ll deteriorate. So now you’re wondering ‘O.K., but how will knowing the temperature help me?’.

Well, let’s go back to the example of when you were stuck in the bus. It was scorching hot that day, so you had two options to enhance battery life while playing your awesome game:
1. Removing any covers/sleeves from the phone would immediately cool it down
2. Standing next to the window/fan/air conditioner is the most guaranteed way to bring the temperature down

Anything between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius (59 to 72 Fahrenheit) is the ideal temperature for keeping your battery alive for longer. With Battery Watch, you’ll be able to immediately check whether the steps you’ve taken to lower temperature are working or not, as it updates the temperature every few seconds.

Another great feature of the Battery Watch app is the Log graph. This graph shows you your daily, weekly and monthly battery usage, so you can check which activities use up the most battery power. You’ll also be able to see how many times you’ve had to charge your phone during the day, as well as how long your phone actually takes to charge.

This comes in handy when planning an outing for instance. If you know your charging times and lengths, you’ll know whether to take your charger along or whether you still have time to charge your phone before you leave the house.

So if you’re sick and tired of your phone going off when you need it most, of missing important calls, being bored out of your mind and envying the person next to you watching a video on their phone while yours Rests In Peace, then Battery Watch is the free Android app you’ve got to download from the Play Store. Right now!

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