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Booster Free Task Killer

27 Nov 2013

Booster FREE Task Killer review

Booster is an app built to save battery life. And no, that’s no exaggeration. It is the answer to why your phone battery doesn’t last, shutting your precious line of communication with the outside world off when you need it the most.

O.K., that may be pushing it slightly, but the fact is that, with Booster, you (finally!) have everything you’d ever wanted to know about your phone’s sneaky activities in one simple, easy and well-designed FREE app, available at the Play Store.

By now you’re surely writhing in your chair out of curiosity and excitement, so go ahead and download the app. Open it up. Slide your finger where it says ‘slide to start optimization timer’, read the instructions and you’re good to go.

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Booster FREE Task Killer screenshots

Booster will begin to monitor all apps, giving you the number of tasks they have lined up, each of them draining your battery life little by little. Now go ahead and click the ‘optimize’ button. Booster will eliminate tasks that are not absolutely necessary.

Now, for the finale: use the dial to set the timer to when you intend on going to sleep. While you listen to your favourite music as you fall asleep, Booster will shut down all apps, keeping your battery use to its bare minimum.

Once the apps have shut down, the music will stop and you can sleep soundly, knowing your phone will not be dead in the morning as it used to be. No more need for overnight charging every single blessed night, just leave it to the Booster app and watch your battery life soar!

Another great feature of the Booster app is that it gives you extremely detailed information about the apps you have installed on your phone.

It shows you the exact percentage of your battery life that is wasted on each activity (an astounding 22% of mine is lost to standby, just keeping my phone on while it’s sitting on the desk unused) and gives you direct links to your settings page, where you can then change them to reduce battery waste.

It shows you which apps consume the most battery life (in my case, Facebook) and even contains easy-to-use buttons with which to turn your Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Push and Aeroplane modes on or off, ensuring you don’t waste any more time hunting through your settings page while also saving loads of battery life in the process.

It displays you, through a graph, how long your phone has been off charge and its use rate, the total percentage of battery life you have left and how long this percentage would last you if you made a phone call, listened to music, played a game or browsed the internet. Is it or is it not an awesome task killing app?

Usually, when a writer is asked to review an application, it’s just another day at the office. That is, until you find little gems such as the Booster app. The day takes on an optimistic tone as you carefully select the best permanent place for it on your home screen. The seas part and the birds sing and…. O.K., enough exaggeration but trust me, it’s so worth a try!

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Download Booster FREE Task Killer from Android

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