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Buzz Launcher Beta

10 Jan 2014

Buzz Launcher Beta game review

Now that, you have that nice, fancy new android telephone, you might, want to spice up your telephone by changing the home screen, but you don't want to go through all of the complicated settings involved in changing out the look, the background image etc.

Now you can change your phones appearance in only a few steps, and you can choose from thousands of home screens that have been shared by others in the android community.

Regarding the home screens, there is a super huge variety to choose from. There is over 10,000 different home screens that you can browse on the included Homepack Buzz Service. Installation is dead simple, simply by selecting the home screen that you want to implement to your device, and within five seconds, the home screen is downloaded and installed to your device automatically.

Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team Buzz Launcher Beta::By Homepack Buzz Team

Buzz Launcher Beta screenshots

You can also create your own home screen creations and easily share these to social media, using one tap upload. Android phones feature multiple screens that you can switch between, and using the Buzz Launcher application along with the Homepack Buzz Service, you can easily set up different wallpaper images for each screen.

It doesn't stop there; You can also perform additional functions such as icon editing (you can create your own icons or edit existing icons). With the built-in multi-grid function editor, you can totally customize the way in which icons appear on each of your individual android screens.

With the multi-grid editor, you have up to 12 x 12 icon grids that you can place all of your favorite applications and shortcuts. The multi-grid feature really allows you to access your phone features in a quick and intuitive way.

Rather than, rely upon the native android telephone interface for managing folders, which is pretty basic, you are able to manage your folders and applications using them more intelligent interface of Buzz Launcher.

In addition to folder management you can as well manage every item that can be placed on your individual phone screens, so it is like having a centralized, management interface on each screen, giving you extremely quick access to how your phone is configured.

One of the things that I truly like about the android operating system is the use of gestures. Ever since the most recent versions of android have been released, I have been getting more and more into using the gesture support.

I find that gesture support is fast, easy to use, easy to learn and well suited for the large phone displays used in many of the android devices that are on the market. Fortunately Buzz Launcher has full gesture support, so you can do the basic gesturing including glide up, glide down, double tapping plus additional gestures.

All of this is provided in a neat little package, which is free and available on the Google Play store. So if, you are looking for an application which can certainly transform the way which you use your telephone, then I highly suggest that you give Buzz Launcher a try.

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