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Copyop social trading

28 Oct 2015

Copyop social trading

Copyop social trading

Copyop is a binary options trading platform that was launched in 2015 and is the only platform available in market which supports social trading. It is one of the newest techniques available in binary option trading which allows users to copy trades of popular investors. You can identify the most successful traders in your network and copy their transactions instantly with single touch of a button.

When you copy the trading actions of successful trader, all their transactions will be copied and automatically used to place trades for you based on the terms you have declared. Also, the App allows users to monitor the transactions of successful investors so that they can decide whether it’s useful to follow them or not. Copyop mobile App is available for free download from Google Play and can be installed on any Android phone.

When you are registered with Copyop social trading platform and open a trading account with them, all the registered users will be able to monitor and view your transactions. You will also obtain certain rewards for the transactions being copied from you in form of Copyop coins that you convert to actual money and invest in trading. Copyop platform supports all types of currencies such as Euros, Pounds Sterling and US Dollars. You can also make deposits to your trading account through all types of credit cards and debit cards including Amex, Visa and Master Cards. The App has multi-lingual support as well and is available in fifteen languages. You can also get 24/7 live technical support in case of any issues while trading.

Once you install the Copyop app in your mobile and join the social trading network, you can copy the trading actions of any trader and also monitor their transactions passively to learn the market conditions and understand how successful they are with their trades.  Whatever transactions you see in Copyop social trading network is real-time and triggered by experienced traders.

This is a great advantage for beginners who are new to binary options trading as they can watch and learn from the trades of experienced investors. Copyop provides access to fresh investors who wish to explore binary options trading by helping them to connect with experienced traders that maintain a consistent success record. If you are an experienced investor, you can also share your trading knowledge with newbies in the social trading network and earn rewards through Copyop coins.

In order to identify the most successful traders in the network, you can view the “Hot List” available in Copyop’s social network. It will display the list of most profitable traders and also the users who have become successful by copying these traders. You can also view the detailed profile of every binary option trader. The profile will give information about their winning percentage, loss percentage, average transactions per day, most successful trade, assets which are traded successfully and also detailed history of last 120 transactions.

The interface of Copyop social trading platform is very intuitive and user-friendly. It does not show complicated charts and technical analysis tools which might be difficult to understand for beginners. The interface is appealing both for beginners without any trading experience and professional traders as well. The traders can also socialize through Facebook account and connect with one another. The App does not offer a free demo account, but you can download the App for free and register with them for a small deposit.

The salient features of the App include:

    • Performance of successful traders can be monitored easily and their transactions can be copied instantly.
    • Trading strategies derived using Copyop’s evaluation algorithm based on transactions from 1 million live traders.
    • Identifies traders to copy based on the user’s trading style.
    • 24/7 live support for any trading issues
    • Live charts and graphs and option to view trading history of experienced traders.

    Download Copyop social trading from Android Market

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