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Deep Ocean 3D Free

27 Feb 2014

Deep Ocean 3D Free game review

A smart phone doesn’t look sexy unless it has live wallpaper. I see no point of having phones with extra fast processors and big RAM if you don’t try things like live wallpapers.

But finding good live wallpaper which won’t slow down your phone or bug you is quite a difficult task. I have myself tried more than 50 live wallpapers on my phone and now, I got a one which I actually liked using - Deep Ocean 3D Free.

Apart from the fact that the wallpaper is completely free and available for all kinds of Android devices on the app store, this live wallpaper has a few more features which make better than the thousands of other live wallpapers available on the app store.

Deep Ocean 3D Free::By IO Games Deep Ocean 3D Free::By IO Games Deep Ocean 3D Free::By IO Games

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The Deep Ocean 3D Free take you through a beautiful and soothing underwater world experience. You can actually explore the deep ocean on your phone’s screen if you have this wallpaper. The wallpaper includes more than 50 types of different fishes and animals, including sharks, sperm whales, penguins, turtles, orcas, stingrays and dolphins, etc. The number of animals and fishes would definitely be more than you actually know unless you’re a marine life expert.

This pleasing underwater scene which would be there on your phone’s screen as a wallpaper with all those animals moving around would definitely have a pleasing effect on you. It did on mine. The blue color is specially related to peace and this is certainly proved by this wallpaper.

This app Deep Ocean 3D Free works perfectly on both tablets and phones. I have used it on my Samsung Tablet and my Galaxy Note 2 and it works completely fine with both of them. The app promises to provide a high quality animation and pictures of any kind of device with any kind of resolution and it does keep its promise according to me. I don’t know about the smaller devices, but it works perfectly on devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and bigger ones.

One more thing that I loved about this 3D wallpaper app is the customization option which provides you more than 100 options which you can use to tune up this live wallpaper according to your own likes and needs. Yes, as the developers say, you can actually make your own aquarium using this app and set it as the wallpaper on your phone’s screen and enjoy the scenic beauty every single day.

In order to set the wallpaper as your home screen background, you would need to go to the home screen and long press on it until you see wallpapers and then click on live wallpaper and select Deep Ocean 3D Free. That’s it your aquarium would be ready unless you want to make some customizations. Even that can be done very easily.

The wallpaper works very fine and I think that’s enough for the review of this wallpaper. After a long time, I have found live wallpaper good enough for daily regular use. It’s definitely a recommended one! 

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Download Deep Ocean 3D Free from Android marketDownload Deep Ocean 3D Free from Android marketDownload Deep Ocean 3D Free Youtube video from iTunes

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