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25 Nov 2013

DondeEsta game review

Nowadays, our mobile phones are our lifelines.

We use them for absolutely everything, from the obvious phone calls and text messages to engaging with friends in social media websites, as a camera, to read books, watch movies and play games. Among this myriad of choices, apps are becoming more and more complex, and it’s hard to find one that is straightforward, easy to use and, above all, truly useful.

Something you could use to improve your quality of life, your safety or that of your loved ones. Well, guess what? You’ve got it! Look no further than the new DondeEsta app. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


DondeEsta screenshots

Well, get ready to be ecstatic to know that, with the DondeEsta app, you can now locate your loved ones anywhere in the globe with a simple SMS message. Simply download this free Android app from the Play Store and set the contacts that you’d like to authorise to track your every move and you’re set!

By sending you an SMS message containing three question marks, they will be able to find you wherever you are and make sure you’re safe. Through this app you’ll also be able to let them know whether you’re OK or if you’re in a spot of trouble with the click of a button.

It’s that simple and easy, and will surely be very useful to you. DondeEsta also includes a comprehensive user guide to answer all your questions and even enables your phone to automatically send a person of your choice an e-mail, letting them know when you’ve arrived or left your home.

Could it possibly be any better? So you may be wondering ‘why on earth would I want people to know where I am 24/7?’. Well, maybe you’d like to be the one who is tracking someone instead. Starting to sound more interesting now, isn’t it?

Well, you can now use this app to figure out why your boyfriend/girlfriend takes 5 hours to buy a loaf of bread at the corner shop and come back, or why your teenage kid looks so happy and giddy after another afternoon in ‘detention’. Suspect your friends might be going out and not inviting you?

Check up on them! Think your parents might come home early and discover the massive party you’re having? Track them! With DondeEsta you’ll never have to wonder. Now, for those with slightly less malicious intentions, DondeEsta can also help you in keeping track of your employees or loved ones who are nail technicians, masseurs, make-up artists, plumbers, electricians, etc.

and work inside strangers’ homes all day. This way they can feel safer while you can relax knowing everything’s alright. Should they need you, they can send you an ‘I Need Help’ signal through the app and you’ll know exactly where to find them.

So whether you suspect your kid of truancy, want to make sure your hairdresser wife is alright while she’s on the go or want to confirm (or deny) your cheating suspicions, DondeEsta is definitely the app you want to try out.

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