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DU Battery Saver And Widgets

14 May 2014

DU Battery Saver And Widgets game review

There are many applications out there that promise to save your phone´s battery to make it last longer. However, none of them will give you the versatility and power of DU Battery Saver & Widgets.

This is not any battery saving app, it is THE battery saving application that will increase the functionality of your phone like no other to ensure that your battery lasts longer, much longer.

Let me tell you what is in the power of this versatile application. First of all, this application will ensure that you will be saving up to 50% of battery life.

DU Battery Saver And Widgets::By DU Apps DU Battery Saver And Widgets::By DU Apps DU Battery Saver And Widgets::By DU Apps DU Battery Saver And Widgets::By DU Apps DU Battery Saver And Widgets::By DU Apps

DU Battery Saver And Widgets screenshots

All this is done with easy controls that will solve battery problems effectively. You will just be amazed at its functionality. This application protects you against unwanted files and junk to keep your battery life. But it does so much more!

This application is available in 17 different languages. You can pre-set your own management modes or the ones available. This will give you a high performance. The application will also kill background unnecessary apps that reduce your battery life.

There is actually an “optimize” button that will get this done for you. Your phone´s battery is also protected with a healthy battery charging to increase your overall battery life.

But it does not stop there. DU Battery Saver & Widget has so many other functions you will think this cannot just be a battery saving app.
You will get accurate details on how much power each application is using up and how much power you have left. This is pretty useful when you are in public and your phone is almost dying.

This detail will help you shut down those applications that you will not be using at the moment. You can choose your battery saving mode, customizing it to find the right fit for your battery saving. The application will still save your battery even when most applications are running. It´s pretty effective.

With Sleep Mode you can turn off most services. This function is especially useful when you go to sleep, when you are at work, or when you are at a meeting and you will not be using your phone. Why have unused applications running if you are not going to be using them? Just turn them off and see how your battery lasts longer!

One of the things that you will love is the detailed description of what is your remaining battery; this data will be expressed as percentages or time left. It is nifty, isn´t it?

I did mention that you can set your battery modes, right? But check this out, you can actually schedule these modes so that they automatically set in the times you need them the most. If this is not high functionality of a battery saving app, I don´t know what is! There is simply no other service like this one. Be amazed at the high performance your phone will get with this amazing application.

Pretty versatile, comprehensive, and easy to use, this is one application you must have on your phone if you want to optimize your battery´s performance. Go ahead and download it now! 

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Download DU Battery Saver And Widgets from Android marketDownload DU Battery Saver And Widgets Youtube video from iTunes

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