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15 Dec 2013

EasyPPT game review

EasyPPT is a modern remote PowerPoint (PPT) easy to use, sharing, which allows you to download presentation files from your PC onto your phone.

Once the files are loaded onto your phone you can either edit them or display them on any other screen while controlling it entirely from within the application. The user friendly interface is a plus above its presentation manipulation capabilities.

EasyPPT allows you to pull up presentations from PC, manipulate and present. This unique and portable PowerPoint editor also serves the purpose of a USB or any other simple data storage device.

EasyPPT::By seowonjin EasyPPT::By seowonjin EasyPPT::By seowonjin

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Other than that it is also compatible with most of the Android supported devices out there. Another great functionality of this simple, yet powerful, app is its ability to be portable and yet access presentations stored on your pc.

Once loaded on the phone you then have the freedom to edit them and either store the edited version back on your hard drive or send it to another computer. Also, you can control the devices connected to those computers and show your presentation on them.

The app provides an alternative and a more efficient route to students and other professionals. As now, rather than carry the whole system or a laptop to the meeting or conference screens, users can use the Easy PPT companion program to directly access their home PC from their phones.

The users can easily log onto their home PC’s remotely and use any presentation file stored there. The beauty of this app lies in the fact that you can edit the presentation before and even during the presentation remotely.

Whether you are good with a stylus or you simply prefer to let your fingers do all the styling on the screen, this app gives you the power to write and draw on the presentations. You can write stuff as well as draw some basic shapes.

The app is built with pressure sensitive functionality in mind so that notes and text written on the presentation seems more realistic. Above all that another exciting feature is to add images and different photos to the presentation.

This can also be done before or during the presentation. The app approaches this concept in a unique manner such that when a picture is taken using the app, it immediately appears on the computer and presentation running on it at that moment.

This revolutionary app has a fully developed and well-formed wireless access and sharing function. Accompanying all these amazing features is its attractive user interface which is although simple but makes the app easy to use even if you haven’t used such apps before.

If asked to describe this app in simple words, one can say that it is one of those apps that a business professional and students would enjoy having at their convenience. So if you don’t want to take your laptop to a presentation and you just can’t seem to find your USB, or you get an idea that can be added during or right before a presentation, you would be glad that you bought this one of a kind app from the Google Play store.

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