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EMI Calculator

01 May 2013

EMI Calculator game review

Suppose you are interested in taking a loan and want to know the maximum loan that you can get.

Do you find it better to get the information in a flash in your device or run to the nearest bank to find their options? Considering you have gone to the nearest banks, is it simpler to compare the plans of two banks in your device or by approaching and questioning the banks frequently.

Further, if you have taken a loan or willing to, would you like to pass the same information electronically and precisely to your known ones to help you in making decisions?

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EMI Calculator screenshots

Moreover, if you have already taken a loan and want to know the break-up of the loan for any tax savings or clearing the loans, do you like to have it in your android device than rushing to your bank? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’ then ‘EMI Calculator’ is definitely needed on your Android device. 'EMI Calculator' calculates Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) along with the amount per year and the total amount for the entire tenure of the loan.

These details generated can be sent through SMS or Mail. These options make the information to be saved and passed on for future references. The ‘Statistics’ option gives the breakup of the EMI (towards principal vs towards interest) month wise for the entire tenure.

The starting month of the loan can be given to find the loan information for any month during the tenure of the loan. Even the total amount that has to be paid at the end of any month for closing the loan is also included.

The ‘Statistics’ options is useful for the people currently repaying loan/banks to help the users during tax savings and also for closing the loans. Further if the user is confused between two loan plans, the ‘Compare’ feature can be used to find out the better plan by generating all the relevant information with respect to both the loan plans.

SMS and Mail features are included in this ‘Compare’ feature too. Using ‘Compare’ feature, the users can easily analyse two loan plans from different banks. The banks can urge the users about the advantages of having their loans.

Moreover, the user can get to know the maximum loan that he/she is eligible for by entering the maximum EMI that can be paid by him/her along with the tenure. This can make the user estimate their savings/expenditures/risks.

The users need not rely on bank/bank employees every time for any loan related information. The information generated by the app is precise up to 2 decimal points and has been cross checked. The background is appealing with the scroll view making the information much more easy to use.

The button clicks give the users a lively feel and the entire information about the loan is generated in a flash. People are enjoying the app and the version 2. 0 has been released based on the feedback and the requirements of the users.

EMI Calculator is needed for all those banks giving loans, the people taking the loans, finance teams.

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