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File Expert with Clouds

07 Aug 2014

File Expert with Clouds app review

If you want some organization with your files on your mobile devices, then you might want to check this out.

File Expert with Clouds is actually an awesome product that would help you manage your files whether you are using your phone, tablets and even your computer. Another good thing is that you can even manage files in cloud storage servers. This is one of the most used and it’s becoming a fad for Android users. Say goodbye to cluttered files when you have this on your devices.

It is quick, light, smooth, and looks beautiful on your mobile phone. The browser incorporates loads of amazing and interesting features which make it quite exceptional and one of the best browsers for great mobile experiences. File Expert with Clouds makes browsing over mobile much more enjoying and interesting than with most other browsers. 

File Expert with Clouds::By GeekSoft File Expert with Clouds::By GeekSoft File Expert with Clouds::By GeekSoft File Expert with Clouds::By GeekSoft

File Expert with Clouds screenshots

One of the advantages of this app is that you will be able to locate all the files that you are looking for in a quick amount of time. You will definitely save a lot of time when you have it because you won’t have to go through all your files and other documents once you start using this. It is designed to work for your convenience because with this, you can put some tags on the files for an even faster access to them. If you’re phone or any of your device seems to be overwhelmed with files, this app is going to help you find them in less than minute.

File transferring has also been made easy with it. You can use pretty much any type of file transferring device such Bluetooth, WiFi and even NFC. FTP servers can also accept files with this device. If you want to learn some UI interface, this is the perfect setup for you because it is very user friendly. If you know how to navigate a web browser, then it will be so easy for you to deal with this one. You can have immediate access to your gallery without, videos and music and even zip files in no time so it’s really going to be a huge convenience especially if you are in a hurry.

There are a lot of key features on this app such as E-books, music, plug-ins, zip files and even access to your favorites. On the start page, you can easily have access to the SD card of your mobile device and even with its external and internal storage. You can create shortcuts too so you’d once again save a lot of time. And you can finally turn your mobile phones into a server and you can visit it on your computer desktop wirelessly on a Windows interface.

So far, the only thing that doesn’t seem to be liked by some people is the way it looks on their mobile phones. Some still find it hard to navigate and perhaps that is the only disadvantage. But the apps are every now and then updated so you can trust that it’s going to get even better on the coming days. Be sure to have Android 2.2 or up to have this app working. And now that it’s actually updated, it’s even faster to search for files with the use of WiFi.

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Download File Expert with Clouds from Android marketDownload File Expert with Clouds Youtube video from iTunes  Masked Shooters

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