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Free Translate

28 Apr 2014

Free Translate game review

Free Translate is an app available from Google play. It is a free app that translates text quickly and easily. It can be used to translate up to 40 different languages.

After you download the app you can input text into your mobile device and free translate will translate and speak back to you what you’ve written down. This app requires an Internet connection in order to receive information from the server which houses all of the translation information. 

There are a number of different situations that may require you to translate text.

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If you happen to be in a foreign country and need to ask a question or get directions this app can be extremely helpful. For example you could type in the question “Where is the hotel?”, and the app will audibly translate your text into whatever language you need. It’s really amazing!

Even though the app requires an Internet connection to work, with the popularity of Wi-Fi hotspots you are sure to be able to find a place to access the Internet and gain access to the translator. At some point the developers hope to be able to produce a version of the app that allows you to connect to the translation server via 3 or 4G connection.

The app features a context menu with translator options. This allows you to gain a more complete understanding of the translation. The Free Translate app also allows you to copy and paste text directly into the app. You can also move the translator to your external SD memory card to save room on your mobile device.

A great, and extremely helpful feature of the free translate app is the ability of the app to remember the position of the last translation. If you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of trying to translate a piece of text and forget where you left off this feature comes in handy to help you pick it up.

The developers of the free translate app has stated that they plan to release newer, updated versions of the app. In these new versions the user will be able to read text from a Webcam to help translate signs and written material. The developers also intend to improve the app so that it will listen through the mobile device’s microphone and translate the text to your language of choice.

There are many translator apps available on the market, the Free Translate app is quickly becoming a very popular choice. This app offers an extremely wide range of languages and dialects, more so than any other free translator app.

This tool will be invaluable to travelers, businessmen, airline pilots, and anyone else who travels the world as part of their business or job. It could also come in handy for foreign exchange students traveling abroad. There is absolutely no risk involved because the app is free, you can’t lose! Give it a try today! 

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