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Google’s Tasks Featured

31 Jul 2018

Googles Tasks

Google has come up with a fresh new app putting together a coherent to-do list. It is a full, standalone service and has a deep integration into the newly designed Gmail. It looks crisp and cleaner and focuses on becoming a central hub for all the to-do items. It is the all-new Google Tasks app.

Lucky Pants Bingo is one of the leading online bingo sites which has been around since 2013. It is one of the few standalone sites which grew in popularity due to its appearance in various TV adverts, with an easy-to-remember song. While it is a huge success on desktop devices, it is also a fully responsive site, accessible on various mobile devices. Players can use the Google's Tasks on their mobile phones. Find out more about this app below.

Users can create multiple lists on this Tasks app and assign dates to items. Additional notes can be added along wtih multiple subtasks within a parent task. It is fast, in fact very fast while navigating between menus or even account, and synching between desktop to mobile is smooth.ondering how to join Lucky Pants Bingo? It is very easy to do so using its mobile app!Simply open the website and click 'Join Now' to register your account. After your successful registration, you can enjoy a special offer of 20 free bingo cards and 20 free spins without making a deposit. However, if you already have an account on the site, you can simply enter your login details on the app to access it.Within minutes, you have access to various offers and games!.


Googles Tasks::Google LLC Googles Tasks::Google LLC

Google's Tasks Screenshots

However, there are some drawbacks and one is that you cannot set specific times for tasks to remind. Even you cannot rank items based on priority levels. There is no search lists, no tag system, no categories and no recurring tasks.

As the Tasks app does not allow assigning times and dates, you fail to control when those pop up, but nevertheless creating task is easy and can be done by using just an email message. Simply drag an email to the tasks icon within Gmail and the synching is instant.

Completing or moving a task to the bottom of list is simple. Just click on the empty icon available next to the task and it is done. You can even bring back the task to the main list. It is to note here that you can't complete multiple tasks in one click. This is something frustrating. Even, you cannot complete a task from the notification. This is silly. Isn't it?

You can check other similar apps like Heck and Todoist. Some of those are better than Tasks. Google need to improve further and add advanced features to make it non-dormant on phones.

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Download Google's Task' End' End  from Android Market

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