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04 Sep 2015

Koosh app

Koosh is social app for making interactive events. Collaborating with friends & family to capture events & put them together through their editor. The Android app allows you to take images & video from your own library & friends/family to string together a Koosh. The Koosh app on An-droid holds its uniformity from its iOS counterpart making it simple & easy to navigate. Focusing on what matters most creating your Koosh.


Koosh App::By Koosh Ltd Koosh App::By Koosh Ltd

Koosh App Screenshots

If you ever wanted to easily piece together that family vacation, gather videos of your family and put it all together for that special occasion, or what have you Koosh has you covered. Making it easy to gather & string together the clips in an easy to use application for Android.

Koosh can be signed up to via Facebook or Twitter from there you are presented with the crea-tion screen. This gives you an option to upload images or video depending on your preference. Additionally you can collaborate with others locally on the Koosh app through Koosh Air. This makes it easy to string together let's say multiple pictures of a live concert from you & your friends. After that you can edit the Koosh together using tools like text captions & rearranging the material for the presentation. Using simple transitions & fade effects your Koosh is then created. From the same screen you can view your completed & incomplete Kooshes.

Moving on is your notifications tab alerting you about likes, comments, and approval/deny re-quests for Koosh material (images/videos). Let's say your friend is trying to submit content for a Koosh you'll receive an alert in this tab. The middle tab is your profile tab displaying your profile as far as likes & friends go. You can also see public lists of your Kooshes you've posted for eve-ryone to view. The Koosh Library is a viewing ground for you to see Kooshes & experiences around the world, really bringing the social aspect full circle. You can see the posters name, comments, and likes on a specific Koosh. This is an easy way to view what's going on around the world from multiple angles in one Koosh. The Android app even supports landscape viewing if you prefer to watch material that way. You can interact with others Kooshes through liking or comments to add onto the conversation. The last tab is all about Koosh Kontacts. Here you can view your friends on the app or add them. Koosh is better with friends be it locally or from around the world, so they encourage you to add people in order to better collaborate on your Kooshes.
Overall Koosh aims to bring collaboration to the forefront. Be it friends or family you can capture any event & string together the content in one app. Let Koosh worry about the technical aspects and you focus on arranging the event you want to. Gather the resources, edit a bit, and publish for the world to see or just those you choose.

Koosh is completely free & available for Android tablets & phones via the Google Play store.


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Download Koosh App from Android Market for free

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