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LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock

11 Jul 2013

LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock game review

LinkAlarm is an all-purpose, versatile alarm clock that will effectively remind you of everything you need to accomplish in your to-do list.

Basically, the app functions as a multifaceted alarm that enables you to set specific alarms based on various settings. What’s more, it also provides links to YouTube videos that you can use as your alarm tones.

It’s easy to use, and it comes in handy when you need a smart reminder that never fails to alert you on time. LinkAlarm can do a lot of things as an alarm clock for your smartphone.

LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock::By Andreas Rudolph

LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock screenshots

When using the app for the first time, you’ll see a welcome message that notifies you of ad-free, 48-hour usage. The app offers various interesting features such as the Youtube Quickplay – which lets you control the LinkAlarm playlists, screen orientation and volume – and the integrated YouTube video player, which will be safely disabled once the trial ends.

You can upgrade to the paid version to take advantage of these cool functionalities and to remove ads. One of its best features is the capability to open files or links when you set alarms, and combine these in your own selected playlists.

It allows you to utilize the apps on your mobile phone to play files and links. You can easily add new content by using the share button in your apps, and mix and match various links. Some of the apps supported by LinkAlarm include SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify and even local soundtracks on the phone.

LinkAlarm comes with the App Launchers function which refers to the particular apps that you pick for opening specific files and links. When you choose these apps, LinkAlarm will always try to select the right app for the job.

Just make sure to set the appropriate apps to open links, and set LinkAlarm to use them whenever possible. In case your selected song or music doesn’t play for 30 seconds after the alarm period, LinkAlarm will automatically play its default “fallback” music which you can set, especially for important alarms.

There’s also a Countdown feature which lets you set a specific period for alarms as well as the accompanying volume, playlist, play order and snooze. And if you want a regular alarm setting, the Periodic alarm feature lets you set alarms for specific days.

You can rename the title of your alarm according to your preferences. By default, you’ll find Carpe Diem, Weekend Slumber and That Thing as the default titles. LinkAlarm has an appealing interface that’s easy to understand.

You can easily switch and swipe the sliding drawer to navigate through the menu. When you swipe the sliding drawer downward, you’ll find three different alarm settings that allow you to set alarms randomly from morning weekdays, morning weekends, or based on your to-do tracks.

Overall, LinkAlarm is a wonderful alarm clock that serves its purpose efficiently. If you need an intuitive reminder tool capable of managing links and content, and equipped with a flexible design, then LinkAlarm is a great app for your device.

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