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Mail1Click - Secure Mail

30 Jan 2014

Mail1Click - Secure Mail game review

As one who worries a lot about the safety and security of using the internet, I make sure that I take adequate caution and care before downloading an app and seldom access my personal accounts in a public net café.

This being said, I don’t use the typical gmail and yahoo app that comes with any Android or iPhone nowadays. Now that you know something about my lifestyle, you must understand the level of security the mail1click provides when I recommend it.

Having heard about it from friends (like me), I dint waste much time in browsing it and there I was happily downloading it.

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So what was it about Mail1click that attracted me? The free encrypted email service that this app provides is free and of course easy to use and interface. The encryption and decryption is done automatically and runs in the background without disturbing the normal phone usage. With the mail1click service I can read as well as write mail that are en/decrypted for sending as well as receiving. The only criterion remains that both ends of the party must be using this app for coding purposes.

Technically speaking, I am basically communicating to the other end via the same server. This increases the level of security offered to the transmission of data and ensures safe receipt on the other hand. In case anyone intercepts the mail, it will appear in the encrypted form which will require a decryption, leaving them with nothing but a bunch of gibberish at hand.

I also noticed that the email headers are no longer that of the computer or laptop, but that of the Mail1click personally provided header. This facility makes sure that the email is not traced back to the laptop or computer used to send it. Rather, it identifies itself as an IP that is located in Germany. You might assume that this is because the HQ is in Germany. On the contrary, the headquarters is actually located at the United Arab Emirates. I was extremely pleased with this find which further encouraged me to use this app.

I knew that it worked well with those using the mail1click too. But, I was curious about how it will work when I sent a mail to a non Mail1Click address. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the recipient received a mail that notified the mail to be the new encrypted message and further offered a link which will help decrypt it by simply setting up an account providing a password and username. It doesn’t even require you to enter an email address to register. This no strings attached option gives me a feeling of ease.

Downloading and setting up was easy and dint cause much trouble as usual. I would definitely suggest this app for those who prioritize privacy over everything else. It will also come in handy to office goers to protect their official mails. I would rate it 5 stars just for the level of security it gives me!

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