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Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun

16 Oct 2014

Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun

Introducing the newest application that would certainly makes you laugh out loud. Do you love making selfie or even groufie pictures? Why not try to make fun with it.

Monster-fy app is the best app that you may use. It will allow you to make your face and your friends faces to look like a monster or any scary faces that you would like to make.


Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun::By Blazing Adventure Pants Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun::By Blazing Adventure Pants Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun::By Blazing Adventure Pants Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun::By Blazing Adventure Pants Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun::By Blazing Adventure Pants

Monster-fy: Photo Sticker Fun Screenshots

Don't let Halloween pass by without transforming your loved ones into unnerving creatures! Close relative Zelda is truly a cerebrum consuming zombie, everybody knows it! Your BFF supposes he's a vampire, superimpose photographic confirmation and offer it. Transform your Mum into a mummy! Your sis supposes she's a virtuoso? Provide for her the greatest purple cerebrum ever.

Edit faces with Monster-fy, a fun face changer and picture manager app You can choose from: devils and vampires, and zombies and even you can transform your portraits into dreadful animals. Whether for Halloween or to profess to be a character from Vampire Diaries or The Walking Dead, you can divert the animals of the night with these unnerving and huge photograph stickers. Monster-fy face changer and photograph supervisor application gives you a chance to alter pictures with fun computerized stickers! Make your companions abnormal Every alarming and fiendish photograph sticker gives you a chance to customize ordinary pictures and make them unusual.

What's off with that?! We adore being strange! Ride the irregular zombie temporary fad by including scars, some protruding eyes, pale skin and a bubble to your BFF. Make fun pictures goofy and startling, then let others think about the Monster-fy face changer application. Make fun with your face with this easy and simple steps: Take a photograph, pick a current one, or pick a Facebook companion. Select your sticker or adornment and alter by resizing and pivoting. Simple taps will include or uproot stickers and photograph props and you can flip them if necessary. Add various stickers and props to alter your photograph. Layer caps, scars, skulls, and that's just the beginning. Save, Send, Email, or Share your Monster-fy photograph with our simple interface to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What's superior to photograph shelling that plate of nourishment from your most loved restaurant with the strolling dead? At that point offer it on Facebook or Instagram! Extra in-application buys provide for you considerably more alternatives for photograph startling. This is one of the best app that I have tried so far. I love editing photos of me and my friends. Sometimes I use this app to tease them and it really works. Some of my friends, all tried this and they love it. We even make fun of our faces together. And you can even share it on Social Media fascinating isn’t it? Why not try this for your own now? Do you own an android phone? Good, then get this app now, you can find it on playstore and is totally free. Get this app now and let your Halloween picture be the best that you’ve ever had.


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