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Paint FX Photo Effects Editor

02 Feb 2014

Paint FX Photo Effects Editor game review

Lately I have been noticing my friends posting lots of images on Facebook using Instagram, and I have to say those images look pretty good.

The one issue I have though, with Instagram is that you can only apply one photo filter at a time. This bothered me because I like to edit my photos and images, tweak them and apply more than one effect per image.

Since I couldn't do this with Instagram directly, I started looking around for an application that could give me the ability to create multiple effects on a single image or portions of a single image.

Paint FX Photo Effects Editor::By Sprite Labs Paint FX Photo Effects Editor::By Sprite Labs Paint FX Photo Effects Editor::By Sprite Labs Paint FX Photo Effects Editor::By Sprite Labs Paint FX Photo Effects Editor::By Sprite Labs Paint FX Photo Effects Editor::By Sprite Labs

Paint FX Photo Effects Editor screenshots

Luckily, I found a new application that runs perfectly with my android mobile phone. The name of the application is PaintFX, made by a well-known app development company called Sprite Labs. PaintFX is available for download from the Google Play store.

The application has lots of features which I find to be quite useful. When you first open the application, you are given a quick tour of the features and then you can dive right in to create your next digital art masterpiece.

After a quick walk-through of the app features, you can begin using the application by first loading an image from Facebook, Instagram or your phone's image gallery. I use DropBox, and it is convenient for me to select Gallery, and then my DropBox folder, and pick the image I want to work with.

Once I have my image loaded, the next step is to start with a PaintFX preset effect. There are 90+ effects that you can choose from, And you can choose to either paint the FX onto the image or you can fill the entire image with the effect.

I personally prefer to paint my effects onto the image so I can apply different effects to just certain parts of the image. With some of the effects, it is also possible to change the characteristics of the effect.

For example, if you choose the Paint effect, you then can select what colour paint you wish to use by opening an easy to use colour wheel and then selecting the edge, opacity and size style type. Next you use your finger, or if you have a stylus that works just as good, and then paint onto the image, the effect that you want to use.

The engaging part is that you can then add a new layer to the original image and repeat the process of selecting a new effect to use the image, and this result in some astounding results. Additional controls allow you to pan and zoom, erase previously applied effects and to undo changes.

When you complete your photo editing, you can save the image to your phone's image gallery, upload the image to Facebook or send the image by email. I wanted to make a specific mention of a feature that I genuinely like.

This is the capability to download images from Facebook, either from your profile or your friends, edit the photo with PaintFX and then upload the magically transformed image back to Facebook. This is a truly neat feature and one that will impress your friends for sure.

PaintFX is a fantastic application that lets you create some stunning transformations to your photos or to your friend’s photos. If you like to take quality control of the effects that you apply to your images, then this is the application you should download.

It is easy, and fun to use and will surely make you a hit on Facebook and other places where you share your images online.

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Download Paint FX Photo Effects Editor from iTunesDownload Paint FX Photo Effects Editor from Android market

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