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15 May 2014

Persist game review

Sometimes we find ourselves at important meetings, seminars, or even church services, when all of a sudden, our phone decides to go imprudent and start playing our very cool ringtone. Embarrassing moment!

The best thing to do, of course, is to always set your phone on silent at these types of gatherings to avoid these impasses.

Well, how about not! Let me show you Persist Volume Control before you decide to trust your own memory into setting your phone on silence for every meeting you attend.

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From now on, forget about tapping on several buttons to silence your phone at important events. With this amazing app, you will only have to tap once on your phone and it will become silent. It is that easy.

You know who inconvenient it is to be thinking about setting your phone to silent all the time and especially because most of the time we forget to set our phone back to ringtone. I need not to say what an inconvenience this is if you misplace your phone.

Now, of course, there are situations in which our phone´s volume is accidentally pushed up due to movement in our pockets. The opposite might be also true as we could miss an important call due to accidental silencing of our mobile. With Persist

Volume Control that is not a problem anymore. The app has a “pocket locker” feature which locks the volume when your screen is off. This is super convenient, isn´t it?

There are so many other things you can do with your volume settings, you have never seen anything like it, and so I seriously recommend you get this one. You can also change some ringtone settings and customize for phone calls, messages, notifications, etc., as well as determine the customized volume for each. It even helps you control the vibrate settings. All of this at the simply tapping of a button. This is convenience at its best.

You might be saying right now something like: “Pfft, I still have to be tapping buttons to set my phone on silent anyway…” Think again! With this application you can preset silence and setting of ringtone automatically by scheduling. Yes, you can schedule when will your phone go to silence and when does it come back to sounding!

This is pretty crazy as you do not have to worry about setting your phone´s volume, Persist Volume Control will do it for you. You just take care of, being attentive at your meeting. This is what I call functionality!

One great thing about all these features is that you don´t have to go and deep search on your phone´s setting. All of these settings controls can be accessed directly from your home screen. This makes it pretty fast for you to quickly change your phone´s settings before crossing the doors to the business meeting.

So get ready for the most convenient volume control application out there. It is the smartest volume control you´ll find, make no mistake. It is filled with the functionalities you must definitively try. Go ahead and download it now! 

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