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Playrock beta

06 Dec 2013

Playrock beta game review

One of the things that are truly great about the future of mobile technologies is the ability for new and creative app designers to take advantage of all these new technological features on mobile devices to make new and innovative applications.


One such application, now available on the Google Play store as a free download, is one of these kinds of applications that change the way in which we use our mobile devices for gaming and social sharing.

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Playrock beta screenshots

The app name is called Playrock, and it is a multi-player gaming platform that allows you to share your gaming experiences with those who are in your local area or vicinity. There are of course, many online gaming centers that allow you to post your scores to centralised servers and let you track your rankings, but this approach is at best quite two dimensional.

What is needed is an engaging experience for app consumers and gamers, and the day has come for just such an experience. Playrock is first and foremost, a place to get together with other gamers and play games.

The app allows you to create virtual "spaces" which are geo-tagged with your current location. When another Playrock user is in the area, those users can see your virtual space and send a join request to your space.

Playrock users who are in the same space can then play together using games that have been optimised for the Playrock platform. Game developers are able to build upon the Playrock foundation via an SDK that can be programmed into their game code.

This means that the number of games available to be played will continue to grow. As mentioned, this is a location based gaming system, so you can check out who is near you and join their Playrock spaces or create your own.

The Playrock system is not just for gaming, it can also be used a social meet up point. The application allows you to chat with those who are in your nearby vicinity, so it is a terrific way to meet new people who potentially share your same interests.

Whether you be at a local bar or cafe, or perhaps just in a neighboring city to a Playrock hosted game space, you are sure to find new and engaging games to play and lively conversation. Each virtual space in Playrock also has it's own list of apps that can be played with other people, so if you do not have an app that is listed, you can download it from the Google Play store.

Messages can also be exchanged within a Playrock space, so it also acts as a mobile message forum. This application is quite handy for keeping up with your mobile gamer friends and for meeting new people.

The Playrock service is free to join, and you can sign up by creating an account right through the app or by logging in using your Facebook account. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to expand their social network to include location based gaming friends, and to anyone who wants to meet new people in your local area.

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