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Restaurant Expense Manager

09 May 2014

Restaurant Expense Manager game review

This is the app you have been waiting for! Keep your expenses on the cheek all the time with the Restaurant Expense Manager.

With this application you will be able keep track of the amount you are spending on food and many more features you will not believe. Restaurant Expense Manager is a very easy and fast application that provides with a commonplace for all your restaurant bills.

Its very intuitive inter phase collects all the information and provides you with the best data analysis for you to check.

Restaurant Expense Manager::By Jan Rychtar Restaurant Expense Manager::By Jan Rychtar Restaurant Expense Manager::By Jan Rychtar Restaurant Expense Manager::By Jan Rychtar Restaurant Expense Manager::By Jan Rychtar

Restaurant Expense Manager screenshots

If you are thinking that this is the kind of service you could get by just using a calculator and some log book, think again! This application is not just a calculator, it is so much more than that. So much more! Let me bring it down for you.

For starters, the application is password protected, so only you will have access to your drinking activity, for instance, which is pretty neat if you ask me. You get to create places, bills and items in a customizable way. The application automatically adds up the prices of your meals and the recommended tip. This is an application you must have and won´t believe you were able to live without.

But not only is the functionality that will get you to download this app, it´s very intuitive user interface can be changed from seven bill themes. So you can have it your way all the way!

So take it with you to your next restaurant, open the app and register your restaurant and start adding up the items. You can give a title to every restaurant, visit for a more personalized log. Once you have added your first item, say an appetizer, its price gets added to the board along with the tip based on the percentage you selected.

If you had more than one appetizer, then you just swipe to the right over the item or swipe to the left if you want to delete and counting lines will add up or subtract down. This is pretty useful when you want to keep count of just how many beers or shots you had for the night.

Once you are done with your visit you place your listing details and they get registered on the app. You may be wondering what you make of that information. It comes in pretty handy when you are making your personal or family budget and you need to check your restaurant expenses to consider a reduction, per say.

So just for you to check it out, with this app you will get information about the item in which you have spent the most across all restaurants and the amount of money you´ve spent every month with nice graphs. You will also get which is the place that you spend money in the most, how many of every item you have consumed, the day of the week in which you visit restaurants the most, and so much more.

Is it exciting or what!? The application actually supports a lot of currencies (154, in fact) so you can keep track of expenses with your local currency. So go ahead, download now, you will love this app! 

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