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Reuben Singh App Featured

15 Apr 2016

Reuben Singh app

The new Reuben Singh app for android is the latest to hit the market that offers all the knowledge and expertise of a successful entrepreneur, but in a style and format that is easily understandable. The app, created by entrepreneur and one of the UK’s top-tier businessmen, Reuben Singh, is his way of passing on the trade secrets and key decisions that have made him the dynamic individual he is today.


Reuben Singh App::By Marketing Signals Ltd Reuben Singh App::By Reuben Singh Ltd

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When you download this free app, the first thing that strikes you is how easy it is to navigate. Singh has clearly understood the busy lives of the digital entrepreneurs he’s targeting, and has made the information in this app as easily accessible as possible. The navigation and design are simple too, making it easy for on-the-go individuals to pick up where they left off in between meetings. In terms of content, it stands to reason that this app would be packed with useful industry updates and intriguing blog posts, but the best feature about this app is the biography section. It is the mission of Reuben Singh to pass down all the lessons he has learnt from his two decades in the marketplace, in the hopes that others can learn from his mistakes. His biography section allows you to look at his career to date in short, snappy chunks of information, so that whether you’re on the go or not, you’ll always get his straight-talking manner delivered right to your device.

Reuben Singh launched his first venture in 1995 at the age of 19, when he opened a small kiosk in Manchester that sold girl’s accessories and make-up. After spotting a gap in the retail market to provide both items in the same place, one kiosk soon turned into several chain stores across the UK. In 1999, he sold the company and invested everything into founding alldayPA – still one of the UK’s top call handling and telephone answering services in the country. With his wealth of knowledge on what small businesses need and how they conduct themselves on a day to day basis, it’s hardly surprising that his company now handles the communications of over 23,000 British businesses.

It’s because of this kind of in-depth knowledge that this app adds something very valuable to the current business apps scene; it’s relatable, usable and contains top quality content. It’s his wealth of experience that he aims to put across to the user, but there are also sections on his scholarship programme and charitable efforts.

To summarize, what you can expect from this app is:

• Reuben Singh’s biography and the decisions that have led him to his life in the fast lane.

• A section on his efforts to re-build communities through supporting local causes and using his business connections.

• Information on the £9,000 scholarship programme that aims to give budding entrepreneurs a leg up with student fees.

• Regular updates from his blog about the industry and his own business projects.

You can download the new Reuben Singh app for Android now!


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Download Reuben Singh App from Android Market for free

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