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Spike App Review Featured

27 Jun 2019

Spike App Review

Is this the future of email platform? Don't know very well, but Spike claims to be one such. It was earlier named as Hop and has now been reincarnated with couple of revolutionizing features. Let's find out what the Android app has to offer.


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Spike – The Android app for email, chat, messenger

Spike - the non-traditional email

The developer writes on Google Play store Spike is perfect for those users who are tired of using traditional email platform and had been exhausted by endless threads. It is a new era service and even one such first Conversational email app in the world. It pushes creativity and productivity to a new height.

Spike key features

The developer claims to have designed Spike entirely different. It offers new way of communicating that cuts down distractions and smoothly streamlines day-to-day communication.

User can easily integrate all of their email addresses here. This means several email accounts can be accessed from a single app.

Spike Android app comes with real-time messaging feature and the conversational email is marked with red receipts so that the chat keeps on moving.

It comes with team chat feature too with smooth collaboration. It combines best of both internal and external email. This mean everyone can be in the conversation.

Spike app comes with dark mode to save battery life, offer less eye-strain experience and better readability.

The inbox looks cleaner in it as the most important messages are automatically pushed on the top.

Attachments are well organized here. You can never miss any of those. All the files land in a single place and so it is easy to locate the one you are searching for. It works with all types of file including GIF, PDF, spreadsheet and photo.

All the calendars from multiple accounts can be organized at a simple place to make viewing schedules and other events date simple. It integrates easily with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Facebook and more platforms.

Of course not to forget that the email platform is highly secured with cutting-edge email encryption method. Your data and documents are secured with powerful AES256 encryption.

It comes with advanced search feature to help finding anything easily and instantly. You can search by keyword and contact details like the report sent to your higher authority a year ago in August or the elusive flight confirmation email.

If your words are unable to express what you are trying to brief, Spike offers an arsenal of expressions like emojis, drawings, gifs and so on. You can place your audio or video calls too within the app. Obviously, there will be some fun in between work with this feature.

Last but not the least, the Spike can be accessed from any device.

The review on Google Play store is decent and most of the users have liked the bunch of features it is offering in one place. It is free and takes just 30MB of space on your phone. The updated version needs Android 4.1 and up.

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