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01 Nov 2014


Are you starting your own diet now? Do you want to know more about how to effectively get the best diet that you want?

Well the newest app from diet expert will help you with that. Introducing the Crowdiet application. 



52 Weeks

04 May 2014

52 Weeks game review

Keeping the flame on and going in marriage is an everyday task. It is about making your couple happy and sustaining a healthy marriage throughout.

However, everyday stress, work, bills, responsibilities, etc., are more than deterring to couples having some time for themselves. Once you want to get creative, ideas will hardly come.

Dog Sweetie game review

Dog Sweetie – what comes to your mind when you read this name in the games section of your app store? What kind of game it is? Is it good? What’s the concept? How are the graphics?

Should you spend your time trying this game? Should you really download it and start playing? With all those questions haunting my mind, I read the description of the Dog Sweetie which promised me an awesome dog raising experience.

Galaxy - Chat Play game review

Do you like making friends?

Do you want to interact with people all over the world sharing interesting stuff with them? Do you want to connect to your friends residing in different geographical locations? If you are fond of making new friends then, Galaxy – Chat & Play are made just for you.

Social Advanced Pro game review

Social Advanced provides a completely new view into your Facebook news feed.

For years, the feed of your friend's posts, images, and interactions has been nearly the same. The presentation is based on a hidden, proprietary algorithm that shows you only what it decides should be most important to you. This isn't always the case.

Playrock beta game review

One of the things that are truly great about the future of mobile technologies is the ability for new and creative app designers to take advantage of all these new technological features on mobile devices to make new and innovative applications.


AskFriends game review

Ever been in a situation where you were looking for an answer for a school assignment on Google and couldn’t find it? Of course, we all have at some point.

After having searched the encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and every other ‘pedia’ there is and coming up with nothing, I bet you went on to ask your mom, dad, siblings, grandpa and dog, but still came up with nothing, right?

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