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The School App

19 Sep 2013

The School App game review

Everyone is going the ‘tech’ way these days so why the school children should lag behind? Yes, you are in school but that doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes shut towards the latest technologies in the market that can make your life simpler and easier.

One such technology is the latest app on the google play i.e. The School App. If you are a student, obviously you would be using a homework diary to pen down the daily tasks that you are required to do in school.

This app would provide you an entirely different way of maintaining a homework diary.

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So, let us talk about what you can do with this app. The first task is that you can enter and view the complete school timetable and track as well as update your homework assignments. You can also set automatic reminders to inform you about the assignment due date.

You can also view the school calendar to check out the latest events that are going to happen in your school in the future and read the news items by school and important school documents.

This app is certainly a very nice utility app for students but don’t think that it is only for students. The School App has a lot of features for both students as well as teachers. In fact, the app has been specially designed keeping in mind the requirements and problems faced by schools.

The schools can easily customize this app in order to reflect the school’s brand and use it as a communication medium. Teachers and schools can easily send messages to parents as well as students using this app. You can also make groups in order to make your work easier.

The app also allows you to upload documents like word, PDF that can be accessed by either parents or teachers. There is also a monitoring facility through which one can record the progress of each of the students.
Do you think that’s all? The School App also provides special features for parents.

Parents can receive messages and monitor their child’s progress. If you are a parent, your work to keep track of the activities that are going at your child’s school becomes very easy. You can view school documents, school diary, latest news items from the school and the homework list of your child with the help of The School App.

In case, you need to contact the teacher, which is also possible.
Managing school work has never been so easy without an app like this.

The main aim of this app is to provide high quality services to various schools at cheap rates. No need to spend so much money on homework diaries because you have The School App. The improved communication method that the app provides has been successful in enhancing the reputation of many schools. Now, it’s your turn.

A student, a teacher, a parent – The School App takes care of each of these. This is one app which is a must for schools these days.

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