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Thinksulin App Featured

31 Jul 2018

Thinksulin App Review

You may have come across insulin dosing errors. This should not be taken casually as it may deteriorate condition of the patient. To overcome such health hazard the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) has come up with a new and health utility app named Thinksulin.

The Thinksulin app has been developed in consultation with NSW Diabetes Taskforce as well as its in-hospital Management of Diabetes Mellitus Working Group.


Thinksulin App Review::By Agency for Clinical Innovation Thinksulin App::By Agency for Clinical Innovation Thinksulin App::By Agency for Clinical Innovation

Thinksulin App Screenshots

Those healthcare providers who prescribe insulin are the biggest beneficiary with Thinksulin app made available for Android and iOS platforms. Such practitioners include NP's, PA's, students, and interns/residents in the primary care specialties like family medicine, endocrinology, emergency medicine, geriatrics and internal medicine.

The user interface of Thinksulin app,just like the best casino apps , is responsive and comes with built in algorithms, definitions sections and checklists as well. It is well-referenced, comprehensive and the content in it covers a wide range of insulin tops.

However, there are certain drawbacks of the app. One of the major ones is that it has not covered DKA/HHS. More to this, the calculations used in the app are based on international metrics.

Apart from couple of such cons of Thinksulin app it makes an outstanding addition to the Android and iOS platforms. It has several novel sections including perioperative management, handling of missed doses and management of insulin.

Thinksulin sports intuitive interface with definitions, checklists, calculators and more. It sports several charts, references, calculations and checklists/algorithms as well.

Comes for free, the Thinksulin app mainly focuses on insulin in the hospital setting. The checklist and calculators for perioperative management, basal doing and more are just appropriate for the medical practitioners.

Meanwhile, it is important here to know that Thinksulin app only follows non-US glucose measurements and this may sometime turn to be downside for many. Apart from this, the app comes from a reputable source and enough details have been mentioned about the experts who created the guidelines. It is important as Thinksulin is supposed to surely improve the dosing and safety as well of insulin in hospitalized patients.

Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death and this has never been so seriously thought as the app believes to do the work. More to this, it is also true epidemic of Type 2 diabetes is one of the too common healthcare concerns. A data from World Health Organization reveals more than 8.5 percent of adults over age 18 have Type 2 diabetes. CDC reports more than 30 percent of adults in US will have diabetes by 2050.

Ahead of Thinksulin there had been several other similar products to help overcome dose and one of the popular to mention here is Accurate Insulin Decisions. It was developed by Endocrine Society. However, it was orphaned with Apple mandate for 64-bit apps.

Thinksulin app is considered by reviewers as one of the best product for the diabetes people until now and it will improve lifestyle of suffering people.

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