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Tracky GPS Navigation+ Compass

29 Nov 2013

Tracky GPS Navigation+ Compass game review

Tracky GPS Navigation+ solves many of the problems that your regular stock navigation apps have in that it allows you to know where you are even when you are off the beaten path.

For years, many active and adventurous people have wanted a GPS navigation program that allows them to have many of the features that Tracky GPS Navigation+ provides.

For instance, you can use your Android device to not only know your location, but also see your speed, altitude, and slope while you are out and about.

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Tracky GPS Navigation+ Compass screenshots

You can take advantage of the reliable track recordings with plenty of free online and offline maps and the search options you need to help you to keep track of your surroundings and whereabouts. Everything is easily accessible, with the bottom left grid button taking you to options such as maps, tracks, compass, settings, search, and an ability to record your track.

With the route recording capabilities, it is useful not just for off-roading and exploration, but also for distance runners who want to know more about the routes they run, as well. Since the record tracks feature can record you as you walk or travel by foot, you can use it to keep track of your speed profiles and other information.

You can also get navigation to points of interest and along established tracks, with all of the features that you would come to expect from a GPS program, including clear instructions delivered by a pleasant, easy to understand spoken voice.

The app is customizable, as you can use either Google or Yahoo to search for addresses, businesses, and other relevant information. You can also search for cool spots to visit with Wikipedia while searching for tracks to download via GPSies (with over one million tracks available).

All of the features are easy to use and intuitive, which is important for those who are active and don't have time to learn a complicated app inside and out. Clicking on the compass on the upper left of the map will give you complete information about your speed, rate, G force, altitude, slope, what direction you're heading, your distance traveled, and so far.

If needed, you can calibrate from that screen, as well. Another very cool and potentially vital feature is that you can track your friends either from your own Android mobile device or your PC. They can do the same with you, which is not only a fun and useful feature, but a potentially life-saving one in the event of an emergency when you are out exploring.

Many lives could have already been saved with such a feature, and it works beautifully. If you live a life off of well-traveled roads with plenty of exploration and adventure, you need a good GPS that provides more than the standard features you'll find in your usual GPS app on Android devices.

Tracky GPS Navigation+ provides literally everything that you would need as a person who lives an active lifestyle and who wants to get out and explore safely and intelligently.

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