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Tuner Pal

30 Aug 2013

Tuner Pal review

The people who love music instruments and spend a good long time with them seem to have become lucky these days for there is a very special and helpful application for them that has hit the Google Play.

Have you bought a new string instrument? Tuning is the first thing you need to do. May be you are just a beginner and you don’t know how to tune it but you cannot start practicing unless your instrument is tuned properly.

The name of the app is Tuner Pal. How many times have this happened that a friend of yours tries your instrument and being an amateur, he plays the instrument so badly that you have to tune it up again?

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There are many times when we need to re tune our instrument because of some reasons.

In all these times, all we need is just tuning. We need it to be fast, easy and accurate. Just a small mistake can ruin all your hard work that you had put while tuning your instrument. How about having a helpful friend that would assist you? You can get the best tune in a very small amount of time.

How? Tuner Pal implements the exclusive and automated analytics algorithms which would allow you to tune your instrument very easily. There is another way to get this done. Choose the instrument in the list given in the app. All the major Tones of the instrument would be displayed right in front of you.

Now, you would be thinking if this app would help you out to tune your string instrument. Of course the list of the instruments that the app supports seems exhaustive but still, there are many instruments that can be tuned with the help of this app. Starting from my favorite, Guitar and Violin, the list of the supported instruments includes Bass, Lyra, Viola, Viol, Sitar, Mandolin, Cello, Banjo, Guitalele, Archulute, Contrabass, Balalaika, Banjolin, Cittern, Bouzouki, Hardingfele, Lute, Koto, Halszither, Mandobass, Octobass, Ukulele and Zither. Almost all the popular instruments are supported by this app. Don’t you think so?

There is one more surprise. The app also allows you to choose between European notation i.e. ‘Do Re Mi..’ and American notation ‘ A B C…’. Even you can change the ‘A’ tone reference.
Being a music lover, I have always longed for such an app for it really makes a person turn into a procrastinator when he needs to tune up his instrument.

No matter how much I loved playing my guitar, whenever I needed to tune it, I always found something more interesting and important in my to-do list. I am sure that happens with a lot of people. If it happens to you too, don’t worry at all. Get Tuner Pal like I did. It is really helpful and effective. It can shoo away all your tensions and allow you to use your very close to the heart string instrument very easily. Next time you need to tune your string instrument, you know what the step is. Right?

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