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TuTu App Review

01 Apr 2017

TuTu App Review

If you are looking for some premium apps or premium games for free, it is important you download and install the TuTu App first. It is available on both Android as well as iOS mobile platforms and has lately emerged as the best alternative app store.

Originating from China, the TuTu App provides hacked versions of most of the popular games that would go paid on other stores. It is also available in English for global smartphone users and comes with some great features too which may not be seen on other app stores.


TuTu App Review ::By Vanim Ins. TuTu App Review ::By Vanim Ins.

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To my knowledge this is the only app store that offers a hacked, or a modded version of PokeMonGo game, which can be enjoyed sitting in the comforts of your living room without moving around.

The TuTu App comes with simple interface and uncomplicated navigation to make the functionality easy. It is made available across multiple operating systems - iOS, Android and PC.

TuTu App is perfect to download classic games too like Clash of Clans apart from satisfying yourself with premium games for free. It differs from other similar apps in terms of features offered. Users can get any number of premium apps without jailbreaking the iPhone or rooting of the Android phone.

Even though some users have criticized the app in terms of safety and privacy, but no reports of anything worse has been reported anywhere so far. The primary concern for them is app seeks permission to make calls, read/send SMS and some more. It is noted these permissions have nothing to do with the functionality of the app. However, for those who are highly concerned about their privacy must not download and install it. Users who are using Android Marshmallow can deny some of the permissions.

Until now there has been no recorded claim of scam or fraudulent act from the app and it is also said to be safe for children.

To get additional TutuApp information in terms of security and safety it is suggested to read carefully their T&C and Privacy Policy pages.

The installation of TuTu App is easy and requires following certain steps. For Android users setting the 'Unknown Sources' option is required. On iOS launching of Safari browser is important. The steps may not work on other browsers.

Download the app from www.TuTuApp.vip/index.php on your mobile device or PC and thereafter install it.

The English version of TuTu App has been introduced lately on all the three major platforms - iOS, Android and Windows. Users who have downloaded and installed premium games from the app say they have best ever experience.


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