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UniScan by IDScan.net

21 Nov 2013

UniScan by IDScan.net game review

Have you ever tried to get into a bar or club when you were only 15?

Or tried to buy alcohol at that age? I’m sure you’ll remember how annoying it was to constantly have to prove your age just so you could have a little fun.

How you scanned your ID onto your computer, went on Paintbrush, changed the date (good old CTRL+C, CTRL+V) then printed and laminated it, thinking in your teenage brain that no one would ever find out and congratulating yourself on how badass you were.

UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus UniScan by IDScan.net::By Abycus

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Then, invariably, you got all dolled up and took your masterpiece to the nightclub, only to be denied access at the door, ending up stranded and alone in the cold outside while your over-18 friends (and those darn forgery geeks) all got in.

OK, maybe I’m the only one who thought my super pixelated ID might fool a bouncer… either way, I have to say I am so glad the Uni Scan app didn’t exist during my teenage days, or I might have been in big trouble!

Uni Scan is a revolutionary app, available on many different platforms (Lite version is free from the Apple App Store, paid version available on the App Store and Play Store for Android), that scans any and all forms of ID.

Just open your app, wait for it to load (only takes a few seconds), then aim the 2-D code on the back of your ID towards the device’s camera. Click on scan and you’re done! Uni Scan will give you the name, full address, expiry date and ID number registered to this driver’s licence, student ID card, state IDs and many other types of ID cards.

Most importantly, you will see a huge 2-digit number on the right hand side. Yep, that’s your age. This way anyone that scans your ID will know exactly how old you are, and whether you are old enough to even be standing in front of them.

Not even Paintbrush can save you now. This app is perfect for those who work at nightclubs especially. We all know that teenagers are constantly trying to evade the law by attempting to get into nightclubs before they’re allowed.

It’s part of growing up and you, the bouncer, have probably also done it when you were their age. Therefore, you can usually tell if the ID someone has just handed to you is actually theirs just by their demeanour.

If they’re giggly or look flushed and nervous, you know the truth. But, there are many teens out there who are pretty good at the whole lying thing, which is why you need this app. Not only will you be able to check a person’s real age and whether the ID they are using is actually theirs, but you can also choose to mark their ID as banned, so that next time they try to get in you’ll spot them.

Alternatively, for those customers of age who are swimming in cash, you can also mark their IDs as VIP, so as soon as they show up you’ll know the kind of treatment they deserve. This is just one of many examples of use for this great app.

So whether you work at an off-licence (corner shop), as a bouncer at a nightclub, a security guard at a university or college or even if you are a firearms merchant, Uni Scan is definitely the app for you, so what are you waiting for?

Download Uni Scan today and ensure your business will never get fined for serving underage kids.

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