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Web PC Suite

07 Aug 2014

Web PC Suite app review

If you are looking for an app to have your files transferred from your Android mobile device to your computer wirelessly, then the Web PC Suite is for you.

You don’t need to be such a tech savvy to even have this figured out because it is user friendly and all your works and tasks will be done in a zap because its efficiency is at its finest. It’s clean and you won’t have troubles on how useful it is on your daily routine. You don’t have to use your USB or any wires at all because it’s all up in the air now when you transfer stuff.

It is quick, light, smooth, and looks beautiful on your mobile phone. The browser incorporates loads of amazing and interesting features which make it quite exceptional and one of the best browsers for great mobile experiences. Web PC Suite makes browsing over mobile much more enjoying and interesting than with most other browsers. 

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Amongst the main features that this app has is that it gives you full access to your mobile phone where you can browse and work on your files. And your files will be super organized since you can have them all classified and arranged according to their categories whether they are on the gallery, music, video, documents or even apps. It is going to be easy to manage your Android on the web because it supports all the basic operations that you normally such as browsing, copying, cutting pasting and the like.

You can easily download and upload files with it and it’s going to be safe to transfer files from your phone to your computer without worrying other troubles that could come between like file corruption or even viruses that could be involved during the transfer. The support on HTTPS on this app is amazing and this is one of the reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to transfer files from your phone to your PC is because of this feature. And if you have some files that are large, don’t worry because this app could take care of it as well. The good news is that you can also transfer files to your iPhone or any Apple products with Bluetooth and it’s not going to be slow.

You can also play music and videos on the browser when you use this so even if you are traveling, you can definitely enjoy one of these awesome features. But we think that the fast connection it makes on the whole transferring process is what really sells this products plus the fact that it keeps your files organized. You can use a direct connection or scan connection using Scan QR Code to have it connected via any WiFi network. The mess that cables and hassles that USB connections could give you will no longer be an issue with this app.

To make this app even more amazing is that you won’t need to install any driver on your computer just to have this all working and have the transfers go successful. The design and the navigation is easy as well so you won’t really need to much of a geek just to figure it out. This app was created and published by an established company when it comes to apps who has already built about 50M users around the globe with their excellent service and it’s none other than GeekSoft. You can definitely trust the efficiency of this app.

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