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WiFi Locator App

09 Jun 2016

WiFi Locator App

WiFi Locator is one of the utility tools that help in detecting nearby wireless networks. It is simple yet powerful and monitors in detail about the available networks along with the status of each.

Developed by T. Muller and Egidestr and offered by T.M.B. Apps, the WiFi Locator tool was launched in January 2011. The current 1.4 version was rolled out lately this year on May 22 with some bug fixes.


WiFi Locator App::By T.M.B. Apps WiFi Locator App ::By T.M.B.Apps

WiFi Locator App Screenshots

The general features of the tool includes app without frills, boasting up of battery life, no power consuming background processes, share with Wi-Fi via QR-Code and overview over all networks as well as passwords.

Ranked at 4.3 out of Five on Google's Play Store, the developer claims its tool does not consume power in background processes. It automatically adjusts the Wi-Fi function of the mobile devices. It is turned off when the display is turned off.

Also, if the Wi-Fi Locator is unable to find any stored network, it gets turned off completely of its own.

When the screen is switched on, the tool starts checking for Wi-Fi networks of its own that is stored in the settings. It shows the quality and intensity of the signal, whenever the mobile comes under a network, along with detailed report such as name of the network and frequency used.

The Wi-Fi Locator is simply ideal for users of any level as it is easy to navigate and easy to interpret.

Added with all these, the Wi-Fi Locator also protects the device from any illegal attempt to access the data or private information.

In crisp, the Wi-Fi Locator is one of the must-have tools on the mobile devices to help you connect easily with the stored Wi-Fi network and also keep yourself safe and protected from other hotspots trying to connect without permission to your data or device.


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