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Yahtzee with Buddies App

05 Aug 2016

Yahtzee with Buddies App

Dice Games don’t get any more iconic than Yahtzee, but developer Scopely wasn’t content to rest on prestige when they launched Yahtzee With Buddieson the App Store and Google Play. Billed as the only official Yahtzee game available for mobile devices, With Buddies thankfully takes its job seriously, and boasts a full feature set and charming style that are sure to satisfy any fan of classic board games.


Yahtzee with Buddies App ::By Scopely- Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word Yahtzee with Buddies App ::By Scopely- Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word Yahtzee with Buddies App ::By Scopely- Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word

Yahtzee with Buddies App Screenshots

The first thing most players will notice about Yahtzee With Buddies is its iconic style. The game boasts gorgeous graphics, slick menus and colorful design, making it a pleasure just to navigate your way between games. Even the die themselves have seen an upgrade, with many of the play pieces taking on the form of unique characters, pop heroes or movie stars. Each dice has its own personality, a seemingly small addition which makes Yahtzeefeel right at home among the colorful, cartoonish offerings on the App Store and Google Play.

These anthropomorphic die also play a big role in the gameplay. Yahtzee With Buddies features special opponents called “Dice Masters”, each of whom is represented by one of the cartoonish die mentioned above. Each Dice Master is a unique challenge in and of themselves, pushing your dice-rolling skills (and luck) to the max. Better yet, a new Dice Master appears every day to challenge you, so there’s always something new to discover.

Aside from the fantastic Dice Masters feature, Yahtzee With Buddies is business as usual for board game fans. All the features you’d expect are there; you can play multiplayer games with your friends via a WiFi or data connection, you can challenge random players from around the world, and you can chat and talk game with opponents as you play. You won’t have to worry about the pressure of a real-time game, as each game in Yahtzee With Buddies is asynchronous, so you can take your time, relax and chat as you go.

During your games, classic Yahtzeerules apply. You’ll be rolling your dice to determine a score, with “hands” like Straight and Full House pulled right out of Poker determining where you’ll ultimately fall in the competition. The goal is to get a better-ranked hand than your opponent. Of course the ultimate hand is a “Yahtzee”, also known as a five of a kind (i.e., all five of the dice you roll land on the same number). When you roll a Yahtzee, you’ll score 50 points, a total that’s sure to put you ahead of the pack. Just don’t forget to yell “Yahtzee!” in the chat.

Other features flesh out the experience and make Yahtzee With Buddies worth playing. Tournaments are constantly starting up, with a new one taking place just about every single day. During these tournaments, the player with the best win/loss ratio for the tournament period will come out on top and earn the prestige that comes along with victory over thousands of other players worldwide.


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Download Yahtzee with Buddies App  from Android Market for free

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