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AndroMoney Expense Track game review

Manage your finances in an easy way using Andro Money (Expense Track). How many times do you whine about your untracked and unplanned expenses in a day?

We, especially, people from age group – 20-30 years spend a lot of money which we are unable to track and hence get into financial troubles. I remember, my mom used to shout at me at the end of every week when I was unable to explain that where did I spend my pocket money of that week.

World History game review

World History Trial is a comprehensive compilation of historical facts taken from Wikipedia.

The app presents a wide selection of historical topics and events in a chronological order. From world-changing phenomena and events to important historical personalities and classic lifestyle, World History Trial can show you everything that you want to know about history during the 17th and 18th century.


PrintJinni game review

PrintJinni is one-of-a-kind mobile printing app for Android operating system!

You can wirelessly print photos and documents from your device to a wide range of printers. PrintJinni, designed and developed by Thinxtream, is a wireless mobile printing app for Android smartphones and devices, supported by Google Cloud Print.

Deep Ocean 3D Free game review

A smart phone doesn’t look sexy unless it has live wallpaper. I see no point of having phones with extra fast processors and big RAM if you don’t try things like live wallpapers.

But finding good live wallpaper which won’t slow down your phone or bug you is quite a difficult task. I have myself tried more than 50 live wallpapers on my phone and now, I got a one which I actually liked using - Deep Ocean 3D Free.


Voice PRO game review

Being an aspiring musician, I have always loved to edit my music clips and add certain effects to them.

Since a very long time, I have been using many types of software to get this work done. Voice Pro is an amazing app to add any type of real audio effects. When I heard about this app, I wasn’t convinced at all since I had been using my desktop for all this work forever.

Paint FX Photo Effects Editor game review

Lately I have been noticing my friends posting lots of images on Facebook using Instagram, and I have to say those images look pretty good.

The one issue I have though, with Instagram is that you can only apply one photo filter at a time. This bothered me because I like to edit my photos and images, tweak them and apply more than one effect per image.


Locus Pro game review

Where are you and where are you going?

Haven’t you heard this question a million times from worried parents, relatives and teachers who seem to want you to have a plan laid out and ready for the rest of your life? You may already have some idea of what you’d like to do with it. For me, I dream and plan on travelling the world, seeing as much of it as I possibly can before my time comes.

Sex Speed Score International game review

At first glance of this app tittle one might think what a strange phone app. I am here to tell you the sex speed and score app is awesome. This great tool will tell you how your sex performance measures up against others across the globe.

I know what you saying, Why would you want or need to know? My answer is because your curious . Whether it is for curiosity or an medical issue we all want to know right?


Mail1Click - Secure Mail game review

As one who worries a lot about the safety and security of using the internet, I make sure that I take adequate caution and care before downloading an app and seldom access my personal accounts in a public net café.

This being said, I don’t use the typical gmail and yahoo app that comes with any Android or iPhone nowadays. Now that you know something about my lifestyle, you must understand the level of security the mail1click provides when I recommend it.

Smart WiFi Pro game review

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy getting free stuff every once in a while. Do you? I know I do.

From free samples to the odd illegal music download, we’ve all had those moments where we went the extra mile to get something for free and felt really proud of ourselves once we got it, milked it for as long as possible then swiftly moved on.


Stringnote game review

Stringnote is an app designed to help people remember important things.

To use this app you have to create an Evernote account online to save your notes to. The Stringnote app keeps up with how many “strings you have tied” and tells you the date and time of when your last note or reminder was saved.

Buzz Launcher Beta game review

Now that, you have that nice, fancy new android telephone, you might, want to spice up your telephone by changing the home screen, but you don't want to go through all of the complicated settings involved in changing out the look, the background image etc.

Now you can change your phones appearance in only a few steps, and you can choose from thousands of home screens that have been shared by others in the android community.

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