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Booster FREE Task Killer review

Booster is an app built to save battery life. And no, that’s no exaggeration. It is the answer to why your phone battery doesn’t last, shutting your precious line of communication with the outside world off when you need it the most.

O.K., that may be pushing it slightly, but the fact is that, with Booster, you (finally!) have everything you’d ever wanted to know about your phone’s sneaky activities in one simple, easy and well-designed FREE app, available at the Play Store.

Battery Watch game review

Picture this: You’re in a bus, stuck in miles of traffic, the weather is scorching hot and you’ve just downloaded that game you’ve been dying to play for ages. What a relief! At least you’ll have something fun to do while stuck in this bus full of sweaty people!

O.K., so you go ahead and start playing your game and it’s everything you’d hoped for and so much more! You’re really happy now, completely focused on your winning strategy to kill the zombies/green pigs/mutants etc.


DondeEsta game review

Nowadays, our mobile phones are our lifelines.

We use them for absolutely everything, from the obvious phone calls and text messages to engaging with friends in social media websites, as a camera, to read books, watch movies and play games. Among this myriad of choices, apps are becoming more and more complex, and it’s hard to find one that is straightforward, easy to use and, above all, truly useful.

apMemo - Quick Notes game review

There are so many instances in life that can be utterly boring, annoying and frustrating.

Like when you’re stuck in that bus for hours on end every morning, waiting for your doctor to call you into his office, sitting at a totally irrelevant 3-hour meeting at work, waiting for your boyfriend to pick you up when he’s hanging out with his friends. The list goes on and on.


Alarm Clock Expert game review

Alarm Clock Expert is a great alarm clock app to have.

This app is great because it offers features that most generic phone alarm clocks do not have. Most phone alarm clocks only allow you to set a time for the alarm and a generic alert type. Some also feature timers, but not all of them do. The Alarm Clock Expert app is so great because it offers an alarm feature and a relax feature.

aCar Pro Unlocker game review

Ever watched the MTV show ‘Cribs’? I’m sure that, if you liked this show, you found it thrilling to look around those humongous mansions with everything anyone could ever hope or dream to own.

You watched in amazement as they showed you room after room, tennis courts, indoor cinemas and swimming pools with waterfalls. And then there were the cars!


UniScan by IDScan.net game review

Have you ever tried to get into a bar or club when you were only 15?

Or tried to buy alcohol at that age? I’m sure you’ll remember how annoying it was to constantly have to prove your age just so you could have a little fun.

All Resort Search game review

All Resort Search is the latest release by the creator Deborah Newcomer.

This is great app for all potential travellers out there. As soon as I started to navigate my round this app I could immediately see how useful it could be. At first when I glanced at this app I could see that it was going to be useful for people planning on going abroad and trying to find a good resort to stay out.


AskFriends game review

Ever been in a situation where you were looking for an answer for a school assignment on Google and couldn’t find it? Of course, we all have at some point.

After having searched the encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and every other ‘pedia’ there is and coming up with nothing, I bet you went on to ask your mom, dad, siblings, grandpa and dog, but still came up with nothing, right?

The School App game review

Everyone is going the ‘tech’ way these days so why the school children should lag behind? Yes, you are in school but that doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes shut towards the latest technologies in the market that can make your life simpler and easier.

One such technology is the latest app on the google play i.e. The School App. If you are a student, obviously you would be using a homework diary to pen down the daily tasks that you are required to do in school.


Tuner Pal review

The people who love music instruments and spend a good long time with them seem to have become lucky these days for there is a very special and helpful application for them that has hit the Google Play.

Have you bought a new string instrument? Tuning is the first thing you need to do. May be you are just a beginner and you don’t know how to tune it but you cannot start practicing unless your instrument is tuned properly.

Zoner Photo Studio Edit and Go review

A photo editor app is a must have on any smart phone. All those lovely pictures you have shot all the day, needs just a few edits before it goes online on the social networking platforms or before they are developed or used as wallpapers on your phones and desktop screen.

But is editing your photo that easy? There are a number of changes that a photo might need and finding all of them in a single photo editor app is really very difficult.

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