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Marine Miracle Wallpaper review

Marine Miracle Wallpaper is free wallpaper available for android devices. It offers artistic, eye-candy images that will surely delight your sight.

The app comes with various marine sceneries that look like fairy tale pictures including sunrise and sunset views. You’ll definitely love Marine Miracle Wallpaper if you like adorable photos.

Maldives 3D, True Weather game review

Maldives 3D, True Weather is a wallpaper app that displays gorgeous animation of the current weather in your area.

It’s not just another ordinary lifeless animation; the app brings your mobile device to life with its stunning 3D art that portrays various types of weather conditions based on the pristine settings of Maldives.


Light Sleep Alarm Clock game review

Light Sleep Alarm Clock is a smart app capable of tracking your sleeping patterns so it can gently wake you up during your light sleep phase.

The app offers a unique and intuitive way of waking you up so you don’t have to be startled and frustrated by the usual manner of an alarm clock ringing. Since it actually observes your sleeping patterns, it knows the best time to wake you up.

eGraffiti Global Grafiti Zid game review

Graffiti Spray is a unique drawing app that lets you decorate a virtual wall and show off your artistic prowess on your very own mobile device.

Basically, this app simulates a graffiti wall and provides users with their own drawing space as well as an interactive wall where users across the globe can freely paint and draw anything they like.


LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock game review

LinkAlarm is an all-purpose, versatile alarm clock that will effectively remind you of everything you need to accomplish in your to-do list.

Basically, the app functions as a multifaceted alarm that enables you to set specific alarms based on various settings. What’s more, it also provides links to YouTube videos that you can use as your alarm tones.

GPeaSe GPS Tracker Lite game review

GPeaSe GPS Tracker Lite is a really great app for anyone who is looking to keep up with their friends and family when they are on the go.

This app is a GPS tracking app that allows users to track multiple devices on their phones on the same map. You can create an account online as well and use the website online to track all of your devices in real time straight from your computer.


Social Advanced Pro game review

Social Advanced provides a completely new view into your Facebook news feed.

For years, the feed of your friend's posts, images, and interactions has been nearly the same. The presentation is based on a hidden, proprietary algorithm that shows you only what it decides should be most important to you. This isn't always the case.

Garden Time (Deluxe) game review

If you are into gardening like me, then Garden Time is for you. Why?

Garden Time helps you keep track of when to sow seeds, transplant, and harvest your crops based on the frost dates you enter for your particular area. But that’s not all. Garden Time gives you full control of each crop. There are several varieties available of tomatoes for example, each with its own characteristics and maturity dates.


EMI Calculator game review

Suppose you are interested in taking a loan and want to know the maximum loan that you can get.

Do you find it better to get the information in a flash in your device or run to the nearest bank to find their options? Considering you have gone to the nearest banks, is it simpler to compare the plans of two banks in your device or by approaching and questioning the banks frequently.

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