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100 Numbers

21 Dec 2013

100 Numbers game review

Put your inner math ability to the test with 100 Numbers, the free app for Android.

You may think that math is dull, but this game is like a magic pill that makes math the most exciting adventure ever. It is a simple enough goal. All you have to do is fill the board with numbers from 1 to 100. Your secret problem solver personality will crop up and make sure you nail it.

Do not forget that you have what it takes, even if you get stumped. Practice makes perfect so keep trying and you will not believe where it gets you.

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100 Numbers screenshots

The main purpose of 100 Numbers is to fill up a 10×10 boards with, well, numbers. It almost has a slight smell of chess to it because after initially tapping on the board to put down number “1″, you’re only allowed to move in a pattern.

For example, in the chess, the knight has a unique pattern – two up, one left or right. It is also replicated in all four directions, up, down, left, right. With 100 Numbers the idea is similar, except it is a consistent circle around the last number that was put on the board.

This is what makes it tricky when the board starts filling up. Eventually, what will happen is that you’ll put down a number and all the next available spaces will be taken up by other numbers you put down and that’s when you’ll see the “You lose!” message.

The game is actually quite easy at first, and if you have no strategy behind the first 50 moves or so, you can just randomly tap away. The down side is that you’re unlikely to win the game but you’ll get close.

There are also two different game modes. In the first one, you’ll notice that at the very edge of the board you have fewer options for movement because the edge cuts off your options. This is the Regular Board.

The second options is the Hyper Board and here, you’ll notice that at the edge, your movement options extend to the other side of the board as you teleport to the opposite side when step off the edge. Along the way there is also a hint option that can let you know which one of your moves is a better one.

Green is recommended, orange is neutral, and red is a bad idea. You can also undo your last move but it’s not free and will cost you some points to prevent you from undoing all your previous moves. So if you’re looking for a nice puzzle that doesn’t always require intense thinking, this might be the one to check out.

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