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2012 London Stars

07 Nov 2013

2012 London Stars game review

2012 London Stars is a fast paced trivia game about the athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

The goal of this game is to answer as many questions correctly as you can on each level. There are a total of ten levels in this game, and each level has five rounds. To pass each level and advance to the next level you have to meet a minimum score requirement.

If you do not meet the minimum score requirement then the game ends and you have to go back to the main menu and start over. For each question you have 9. 9 seconds to answer the question correctly.

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2012 London Stars screenshots

If you do not answer the question before your time is up then the question is marked incorrect and it moves on to the next question. The first two levels are a very easy difficulty and you only need eight hundred points to advance to the next level.

Levels three and four are easy difficulty and you need 1300 points to advance. The scoring continues on in this manner increasing the required score by five hundred points every two levels. For each question you will be given a picture of an Olympic athlete and you have to guess something about them.

You will either have to guess their name, their country, or their sport. After each question the game will tell you if you are correct or incorrect and will tell you all three things about the athlete. This is a great game for Olympic fans to download.

This gives Olympic fans the chance to quiz themselves on their knowledge about this year’s Olympic athletes while also allowing them to learn new things about the athletes they were not previously familiar with.

Another great thing about this game is that you can unlock achievements for various things throughout the game. You can keep track of all of your achievements and see what the other achievements are by going to the achievements page on the app.

When your game ends you have the option to submit your score. If you have a very high score it is possible that your score could show up on the high scores page. The game also keeps up with your highest score and displays it at the bottom of the high scores page for you to keep up with and try to beat your score.

This game is very fun to play because as you continue to play it becomes more and more challenging and you find that you are challenging yourself to beat your previous high score. This game is fun for people of all ages because it is easy to play since all you have to do is click on the answer you think is correct.

It would be fun to play this game while watching the Olympics too because it would help you recognize some of the athletes on the television, and watching the Olympics while playing could help you answer some of the questions.

This game would be fun for families and friends to play while watching the Olympics together because they could all take turns playing the game and try to beat each other’s scores. Check it out and download now, it is free!

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