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3 Stars in Birds

29 Aug 2013

3 Stars in Birds game review

Are you a fan of Angry Birds and similar games? If you are, there is one app which is currently now available on google play with its latest version that would support the new android Jelly Bean as well.

The app is 3 Stars in Birds Plus. Many of you might already be familiar with this app. If you already know about this app, you would obviously be waiting for the new version desperately.

But what if you have never heard the name of this app? A few seconds before, you didn’t even know that this app ever existed. If you are one of that people, you must know what this app is actually meant for and why this game is such a necessity to the people who play games like Angry Birds.

3 Stars in Birds::By Waterdev 3 Stars in Birds::By Waterdev

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How much time has it been since you are playing Angry Birds? The game is really very addicting and how badly you get frustrated when you are not able to get good scores and unlock higher levels? It does feel very bad. Have you ever wanted a magical code that would allow you to unlock all the levels of this superb game very easily? Have you ever wanted a magic trick that would help you get 3 stars in each of the levels?

3 Stars in Birds Plus is an app that can help you to get those magical codes in just $1. Well, that’s the introductory price of the new version. Soon, it’s going to cost more but till then, you have a chance to grab this app at a very small price and reward yourself enormously.

This app would allow you to gain full scores along with 3 stars in each of the levels of the game and in every single world. The app works very well even with the latest version of Angry Birds i.e. Red’s Might Feathers. There is no need of any root to make this work.

But you would need access to your computer in order to get benefits from the app. Also, the app supports only Windows Operating System. You would also be required to download a special utility from the web to make this app work. But does that really matter when you are getting so much of benefits in an easy and reliable way? Not only you would get 3 stars in each level of the game, you can also unlock each of the level very easily.

This isn’t all. The app also allows you to create a backup copy for your game. Thus, you can easily save your progress in the game and there would be no chance of losing your game’s progress. The set up of 3 Stars in Birds Plus might seem a bit tricky, may be because of the utility package you need to download but it really doesn’t matter as you get such a good tool at your service.

You need not whine any longer for you cannot score well and unlock levels in your Angry Bird's world. Just get 3 Stars in Birds Plus and become a ruler.

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