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52 Weeks

04 May 2014

52 Weeks game review

Keeping the flame on and going in marriage is an everyday task. It is about making your couple happy and sustaining a healthy marriage throughout.

However, everyday stress, work, bills, responsibilities, etc., are more than deterring to couples having some time for themselves. Once you want to get creative, ideas will hardly come.

What if I told you there is an application that will help you keep the flame in your relationship and keep you both interested and sizzling for desire of one another. Well, there is!

52 Weeks::By Dare Two Games 52 Weeks::By Dare Two Games 52 Weeks::By Dare Two Games 52 Weeks::By Dare Two Games 52 Weeks::By Dare Two Games

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Let me introduce 52 weeks, a couple’s game that will keep you on the edge of nurturing a healthy and sexy relationship with your couple. The question here is, Are you able to keep up with pleasing your significant other for one year? Go ahead and test yourself! This is the sexiest thing you will find over there when it comes to relationships.

The idea behind the application is to bring you and your couple together by demonstrating him/her who the most important person in the relationship is. The application will take you through different weekly tasks during a whole year. That is a full year of pampering your partner through sexual and nonsexual demonstrations.

This game is better played with the two of you, of course, since this adds a more spice to the game. Are you ready to freshen up your relationship and take it to a whole new level of excitement and desire for one another? You must install this app now; you will not regret it.

You may be asking yourself how it is that it works. Let me spell that out for you. It is actually very simple, but the results will surprise you. Now, you must be warned: the application will take you to explore your boundaries and make some daring things for your partner. Then, isn´t it this what brings excitement to a relationship: trying new things? So be bold and go with it! Ok, so once you release the task for the first week, you will devote the following seven days to complying with such task, every day!

Guess what: You will not know what the following task is until the end of the first, the app will lock you out until you have completed your task for the present week. Therefore, you must devote yourself and focus on pampering your partner for the week! Does it sound exciting or what!

You and your partner can decide who is going to be the taskmaster for a particular week. He or she will be the one in charge of delivering the task to his/her significant other for that week. Then you alternate with your partner. It is pretty exciting as you are expectant of what is your significant other going to be doing to be suggestive.

You will not be able to wait to see what your task for your partner is going to be afterwards. I know it sounds mouth-watering, so wait no more. Go install this app right now and stir up the passion in your relationship! 

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